Idiot Box Cat : 2016 RAW Motif Show.

Thursday 17 November 2016

2016 RAW Motif Show.

Welcome to Ottawa, where the Parliament play and Byward Market is on the way.

This was my first time ever going to Ottawa, and to tell you the honest truth, I didn't get to see shit!
I probably only seen a fraction of the city, which sucks, cause I would love to see all of it. It would be very cool, although the only cool time I was having was the cold wind that was making my feet cold and... RAW!!

After my first exhibition with the RAW organization back in March, I told myself that if I was to ever exhibit with them again, I would want the experience one of their shows out of town, because the opportunity is better and the experience along with the networking would be super dope!

In the last few months, certain things have happened to me regarding some misplaced/loss of artwork which created a very tough and stressful situation. It's a long story that I would have to get into another time. I teeter tottered back and forth for a couple of weeks, due to the tragedy I had to face. I had thought to myself, there's no way. I can't possibly do it without having all of my artwork ready to go and present.

I had told one of my fellow raw artist and staff member that I might not attend the show. He had told the director that I might not show up.

At the last second, I thought of how much I really wanted to go, and how I missed a couple of shows due to the same problem that I was going through presently.

I said... Fuck it, I'll stick it out and I will go experience what Ottawa has to offer and participate in this Raw showcase. I had to do it.

 For those who don't have an idea of RAW is... RAW (Natural Born Artists) is an international organization that was built by artists, for artists. They specialize in visual art, fashion, music, film, photography, makeup and accessories. So many different types and facets of art and creativity can be seen from this event. Believe me, it's one of the most artistic and unique types of events you can see.

Raw also brings together a community full of creatives who have a chance to display to their talents to the city they belong to. These artists also have a chance to also travel across different cities and countries to display their talents. So, that means lots of opportunity to display talent and to see talent.

visit their website: Click Here!

I have a couple of pictures to show from this kiss ass event!

The Artwork


shouts out to VooV Art!!! That portrait she did of that  dude 
rubbing his eyes behind the glasses is my favorite. The shading on that piece is so striking. 

shout out to my dude, Falldown!!! His work is super dope!

So, I was telling y'all about how I was teetering back and forth about making a
decision to come to the show. Well, Michelle the creative director of RAW was 
presently surprised when she was me there. Thinking I wasn't going to show up.
but I did, and I had to get a "wee" bit creative with my paneling space! 

Mr Outsyder in the house!!! and I brought with me, David Bowie 
I had to show him again cause that's who the ahem the *cough "older" *cough 
people who would recognize. Then the rest were urban hip-hop stars, old and new generations. 
Kanye West, Nas and Drake. Shouts out to Hip-Hop! 

I did my thang. Don't Hate! Lol 

Shout out to my man SD Debrosse!!! Super cool dude, does amazing photography! 

Had to get the same pic twice. This one looks too tuff! 
Now... Introducing, the body painters


The make-up artist is the lovely lady in the black, whose name is
Alina Sauve! She's not only just a make-up artist, she also does body art
and judging by the way her models looked that night, you can clearly tell
she's pretty bad ass and very talented at what she does. She was also
doing some henna on people's hands too. Shouts out to Alina!!!

I was able to get a picture with them too. So Happy!

There was so many great talent in Ottawa. I was so happy that I was apart of it. There were also musical performances, Our Host Jack Von-Spade was hosting, epic magician btw. I had a great night, the vibe was good, the energy that the crowd had was very lighthearted and positive. The fashion show was very interesting, it gave you a look into different mixtures, different things, from body paint and visual effects to high-class to oriental traditional fashion wear, all by different creative designers and make-up artists. It was very cool. 

It's just the beginning of my journey to becoming an established artist. An artist that's able to put his own unique spin and bent to the world of art and the communities that surrounds itself in the mystical, the spiritual and the the most obvious... the visionary. 

I'm grateful that people can appreciate the artists, their works and are able to have a dialogue with them. I'm even more grateful when an artist is able to sell their work, profiting off the fruits of their labor and the style that represents them. 

Cause at the end of the day, who the person is, is what really makes you want to support them. Their attitude, their way of being. If you can identify with them, then maybe their creations can be worth something to you. 

Anyways, I'm so thrilled that I got to go to Ottawa.

Until next time... 


Paint-Life. 2016.

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