Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Toasty In Space: Episode Five

Hey folks,

So in this episode Toasty, Terry and Alien arrive to the hideout at a diner called "Charlie's"

Toasty and Alien gets introduced to Charlie, the Chimney, who is the owner of the diner.
We find out that Charlie knows about the briefcase from Terry. The plot thickens as both Terry
and Charlie conspire to steal the money from money. Meanwhile, Princeton arrives at the hotel
that Toasty is staying at, the plot thickens as we get deeper into the story!

You find out how it all happens by reading the comic down below! 


Sunday, 24 May 2020

Toasty In Space: Episode Four

Hey folks,

So in this episode of Toasty In Space, Princeton finds out that Toasty stole his briefcase. Meanwhile, Toasty, Alien and Terry Studderbucks leaves the Fishbourne and is on there way to a hideout spot.

Things are getting crazy as the plot thickens, as Princeton and his assistant Melvin, to head back to the hotel that Toasty is staying in.

You can see it all fold before your very eyes by clicking the link down below. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Toasty In Space: Episode Three


For all you comic book lovers and Toasty Penguin fans! 

I released the third episode of the "Toasty In Space" Series!

After finding out that Alien smoked most of the new space weed, Toasty came up with a plan to steal Princeton's money to buy more space weed. In this episode, Toasty the Penguin, Alien and Terry Studderbucks rolls out the plan to steal Princeton's money! 

Do you want to see how it all goes down? You can find out down below!