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Monday 8 May 2023

Toasty In Space KICKSTARTER!


Attention all Toasty Fans! 

I'm starting my own kick starter for the Toasty In Space series!

For those of you who have no idea of what I'm talking about, I've created this Toasty Penguin character back in 2015. Since then I've been featuring him in some comics I've made since 2018 on my old Instagram account - idiotboxcatcomics. After doing a couple of dozen comics, I've decided to create a comic series and I decided that Toasty should have a series!

In 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic, I've came up with Toasty In Space, which is a comic series Starring Toasty Peguin. Brief synopsis: Toasty planned to sell a new type of space weed to a very wealthy man who's grandfather was terminally ill and the only way to ease his pain was to smoke/indulge in some marijuana. Toasty falls into some trouble when his business partner smokes half of the weed that he was going to sell, so he comes up with a plan to steal the money from the wealthy man to buy more weed to in order to sell him more weed. 


I've finally decided to take this series and finally put it into print! In June I will start selling the printed copies of each episode of the series! In different arrangement of sorts - details will be coming soon - about what that will look like! You will also be able to get STICKERS! PINS! POSTERS! and maybe some more surprises! Depending on how much demand there is for this kickstarter. 

I will have more information on what will be available, when the launch date will be and what cool stuff you can get! be on the look out! 

If you are brand new and want to read this comic series you can click the link down below! 

Click Here!

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Stay tuned for more! 


Saturday 8 April 2023

New Projects, Updates & Past Couple of Years

 Hi Folks, 

I would like to start off by saying that I've updated the look and feel of the website! 

I've had this website for about 11 years! and over the years I've consistently kept the same layout. I can't help but like the lemon yellow and the baby blue color. I've added a nice periwinkle blue color for the background of my posts to give it more dimension. Blogger has also added some new template so I used one of them and then jazzed it up to fit my criteria in what I'm looking for. I added some new font, which I like but I hope it doesn't affect people's ability to read my blog posts so I might re-consider changing it down the line, but for now I think it looks cool. 

It's 2023, and it's been about 2 years since I haven't posted, a lot has happened since then. Some of the major highlights that has happened is, my old instagram account (mroutsyder) got hacked back in early 2022! by some stupid bitcoin scam - so you can reach me at Click Here and my backup Idiotboxcat page Click Here 

It really sucks to have your account hacked and deleted and I did everything I could to get it back and nothing had worked, which is unfortunate, but that's why it's very important to archive all of your pictures and use a 2 step verification process in order to protect your accounts at all times. You never know what might happen with cyber attacks, especially with more and more people being lured by scams nowadays!


I'm sure some of y'all got at chance to read the rest of the Toasty In Space series that I still have on my website. A brief summary of the comic for those of you who don't know but Toasty, the Penguin is a character that I've created in 2015. He is a toaster penguin that likes smoking marijuana and the premise of the story is that he meets up with a wealthy man who offers him money to buy some space weed, but through the process of the transaction he realizes that his partner smokes most of the weed and he decides to steal the money from the wealthy man and then goes on a mission to buy more space weed. 

For those who are interested you can link here: Click Here to read the whole web series. 


I've been considering on making season 2 of Toasty In Space, which I think would be nice to continue to add more development to the story and I think it would be fun to continue the narrative. I will keep you guys updated on when I will be starting the production process on the second season. Be on the looking around July of 2023 for the first episode of season 2. 


So, I've been coming out with new cartoons in 2023, I haven't had much of an active year in 2022 and 2021 respectively, because of how busy I was and just dealing with personal life shit, so I've been recluse in that sense. I was still creating and making art, but it was more behind the scenes. Now that the pandemic of 2020 has ended and personally I'm more comfortable with where I want to be in life at the moment, I'm starting to create more cartoons, which means a new comic series! 

You guys will still get the single strip and multiple strip cartoons, but I will be putting together a brand new series and debuting the comics on here, sometime in the near future! So be on the lookout for that, nothing in the works as of yet, but I will definitely let you know once I have something! 


Lastly, I've been working on something special. It's a new collection of art that I will debut later this year. It's going to be a bit different then the regular stuff that I've been working on for the past couple years. I will let you guys more of that as time goes on but for now...

Have a Happy Easter! and I will see you on the flip side. 

Paint Life. 2023! 

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Toasty In Space: Episode Five

Hey folks,

So in this episode Toasty, Terry and Alien arrive to the hideout at a diner called "Charlie's"

Toasty and Alien gets introduced to Charlie, the Chimney, who is the owner of the diner.
We find out that Charlie knows about the briefcase from Terry. The plot thickens as both Terry
and Charlie conspire to steal the money from money. Meanwhile, Princeton arrives at the hotel
that Toasty is staying at, the plot thickens as we get deeper into the story!

You find out how it all happens by reading the comic down below! 


Sunday 24 May 2020

Toasty In Space: Episode Four

Hey folks,

So in this episode of Toasty In Space, Princeton finds out that Toasty stole his briefcase. Meanwhile, Toasty, Alien and Terry Studderbucks leaves the Fishbourne and is on there way to a hideout spot.

Things are getting crazy as the plot thickens, as Princeton and his assistant Melvin, to head back to the hotel that Toasty is staying in.

You can see it all fold before your very eyes by clicking the link down below. Enjoy!