Idiot Box Cat : The Atomic Series

Friday 25 September 2015

The Atomic Series


So I'm back again and I have another series for y'all. This particular series is for an upcoming art show in literally a month's time and I have decided to play with a different style, since I didn't have a style to really begin with. I started to get into painting since the past year and now I'm starting to really develop my own unique aesthetic that I am really enjoying so far.

So basically I started to do abstract-like pieces with lots and lots of color, splatter and coating. I did a painting a while ago called: Osmosis, which is just a whole bunch of paint on the canvas that flowed well together because of the intensity of warm and cool hues from different ends of the canvas. Inspired by Jackson Pollock, I created this painting because I wanted to try something different. It's not so creative since someone else has started it first, but with everything that's old, we try to invent it by doing something new.

Now, I'm not going to get into too much specifics and details of it all, but this 4 painting series that I did is pretty fucking awesome.

"Atomic Kitty"

"Electric Octopus"

"Gorilla Frenzy"

"Mystic Scorpion"

I'm super stoked on these paintings turned out. The color pallet is vibrant, I used animals for this series (and my Idiot Box Cat as one of them) I can't wait for the upcoming show, so I can show them off. As I'm getting further on producing great pieces of art, I'm starting to use elements like "glazing" which makes the painting more glossy so it shines when light hits of the image.

Anyways, that's the Atomic Series that I have created. I may have more for y'all in the near future.

Paint-Life. 2015.


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