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Monday 10 October 2016

The Million Dollar Monster Show

Who likes... Monsters?

This piece is by Brain Keller 
entitled: "Bunny" 

Well if you do, The Super Wonder Gallery has an scary showcase over the weekend of talent displaying Monsters. It was pretty creepy if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, I was not able to be apart of the show, but I was able to come through and show some support to those that were there. 

At the gallery we also had some sexy performances who visually stimulated our minds by making all the creatures come alive on stage which were impressive. 

Enough of me talking. Let me show you some Monsters!! 

The Artwork

This piece is by Tanya Soloryka
Entitled: "Temptress" 

A temptress she is indeed. Love the eyes 
and the background. That brown goes so well 
with the red! 

This piece is by Patricia Taylor 
Entitled: "Mother Tongue" 

This piece is very unique, and it's highly symbolic 
in it's expression. When you die, your body decomposes
the flesh in order to adsorb the nutrients. Here we have some 
gut wrenching hands really tickle that feeling. 

 This piece is by Alex Karakis
Entitled: "Frankie" 

The glitter princess strikes gold (red dot) with this one. 
this Frankenstein looks creepy and actually really cool 
that yellow with the stale like background really brings 
out the green in his face. Way to go Alex!

 This piece is by Stephanie MacLean
Entitled: "Twenty First Year"

Traditional! In the world of art, this would be 
your go-to piece of art to hang over your blazing fireplace 
while you sit in your comfortable elegant chair with a glass of 
bandy in your hands having a philosophical discussion with yourself
there's a air of suspense attached to this wonderful piece of art. 

This piece is by Allen Swerling
Entitled: "Hell Clown" 

Here we have one of the creepiest thing that is actually 
being talked about right now. Yes, clowns cause they do scare people. 
Allen created a hell clown which is a combination of scary meets demonic 
what a great way to say "I'm a scare you and be an evil dick" 
Love this one! 

This piece is by Tino Patriarch 
Entitled: Zombie Dawn 

Morbid in a very dry sense. Spooky, yes! but it's also 
very domineering. I would say that this is something you
would definitely not want to be seeing at 3 o'clock in the morning
when there's a full-moon out. wonderful use of dark colors. The background
is very dope. 

This piece is by C.U. Slater
Entitled: "The Invisible Man" 

Love the style. It's very uniform like in the way it's represented
Looks like the mummy threw on a pair of glasses and a mr. potato nose 
and told himself that he's invisible.
 Love the spray-paint like effect in the background.

This artist (Freshdiscoporkergas) here did a whole series on these creepy works 
really really expressive and communicative pieces of art! 

Along with the Bunny, Brain Keller also did this scary looking creature right here! 

This piece is by Mr. Hyde
Entitled: "Date with an Angel" 

while we're getting attacked by demon clowns and monsters 
Mr. Hyde invites us to have a date with an angel. 
I really love Mr. Hyde's style, its very distinct and it's actually scary. 
seems like the skeleton was a girl before and doesn't remember that doesn't have a face. 
hence why all that juice is trickling from the bottom of the skull. Really neat! 

This piece is by Brent
Entitled: "Freddy Krueger" 

I would like to see this in a church. 
don't let the holy water hit cha on the way out! 
This is really impressive and a stunning piece of art. 
There all pictures collage into this massive picture. 
What a way to take two opposite ends of the spectrum and blend them together! 

The man behind it all! Christian Aldo!
and the Glitter Princess! Alex Karakis!

Two men! Two beers! 1 skateboard! 

This piece is by Stephanie MacLean 
Entitled: "Got a Light Mister?" 

They do say that smoking kills, and as a true testament to that
we have here a woman starting to decay from that bad tartar buildup. 
Nah, in all honesty, Stephanie's painting skills are amazing. The detailing is great. 
Her pose is classic as well as the dark green dress that screams out... Gruesome!

There was so much more that was included that I'm really ashamed that I didn't capture to share with you guys. I'm sorry, but Super Wonder Gallery, Christian Aldo and the community always comes together to have the greatest of nights and they always put their heart and soul into what they do. I'm so happy to have come out and witness what they have cooking in their gallery and the creative souls that participates. 

Meanwhile, for me I'm possibly taking another direction in my art career as i focus on a new foundation to grasp. Y'all see more blog posts about shows and events and hopefully new art works in the making. 

shout out to all of those who made sales at the Million Dollar Monster Show. 

Paint-Life. 2016. 


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