Idiot Box Cat : Return of Idiot Box Cat

Saturday 3 November 2018

Return of Idiot Box Cat

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs! I would like to announce that I'M BACK!
It's been 2 years since I've posted and not because I didn't want to, or I forgot. It's because I lost this beautiful site of mine, and I had to figure out how to get it back. 

It was a long process y'all, and looking back on it now there was a couple of steps that I didn't have to take, and I was going to make a brand new site all together, but I felt like I invested too much time, money, and effort to let what I built fall to the wayside. 

This website is everything to me, because of what it stands for. So, losing it was a bit disappointing.
Although I was persistent, and patient and now it all paid off because I can return to what I was doing before, which is showcasing my cartoons and my portraits, and all the events and shows that I attend. 

With that said,

I attended an event last night on behalf of a friend that I will be blogging about tomorrow ! 

Be on the lookout for that, and catch you on the flip side folks ! 

Paint-Life. 2018. 


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