Idiot Box Cat : The Super Naughty Summer Show.

Monday 29 August 2016

The Super Naughty Summer Show.

Welcome folks,

So, this past Friday and Saturday I attended the Super Naughty Summer Show at the Super Wonder Gallery.

That was my first time doing the "Super Naughty Show" and my 3rd time showcasing my talents at the gallery. Lovely... Another tally on the art show experience paper! which again more than anything I'm still learning a lot about shows, show casing, networking and overall making yourself more presentable and established.

Even though most of the time I'm in la la land, but besides being more professional, put-together and skillful, both nights of the Super Naughty Summer Show was incredible.

The turn out for both nights were amazing!

At the show they had a lot of dope ass erotic, sexy, raunchy, exciting and most exposed pieces of work you most normally wouldn't see at an art show. Based on the theme, that's when all the freaky shit comes out, and since it's on a friday and saturday night, you get to see the freakiest!

And not only that! There were also performances and appearances at the show!

But first thing first!

The Artwork

This is a cool piece here

This piece is by Paul Dolgon
entitled: "Back Seat Driver"

The Pallet Knife is a really good tool.
The way this is presented reminds me of a thumb-nail image 
on a porn site. I love the warm colors on this painting, the splashes of texture 
gives it a very grounded feeling of traditionalism. The subject matter gives it
a feel of an old-school dominance and a new school expression of sexuality. 
the white used for the windows (what I think it is) kind of neutralizes the dark
colors, the blue rests nicely on the dark background and the red marks breaks 
it up very well.
This piece is dope as fuck! 

What's going on down there? 

This piece is by Westa 
entitled: "Would be King"

As most of you know the craziness of the United States 
reached a new level of cray cray and with Donald Trump out there 
campaigning like a bigoted asshole, there's always a way to take him down 
a notch, and the quickest way to do that? Is through his penis. 
Yes, this is a hilarious and a very funny piece of art. 
Look at her face, she's like "can you please explain to me what that is?" 

This sculpture piece is by Vanessa Le Page 
Entitled: "Quieti" 

Now, shout out to Vanessa for doing the drool like that. 
Like that's the most exotic thing ever! 
This must of taken time to put together cause for the way
it looks it turned out pretty dope! 
The black straps and the meal rings screams "whip me!" 

WHOA!!!! A man-shaped Urinal! you don't see that everyday! 
and how do you use that thing! 

This sculpture piece is by Craig Mahood
entitled: "American Standard" 

I couldn't imagine myself using that if it was usable 
but um, this is a wonderful exotic piece of epic proportions
what can you say? when you make a physical installation 
you make an art piece that is bound to have people dart their eyes 
over and take a look. I think Craig did an amazing job and made 
people really wonder how you would use that if it was usable

  Glitter Princess in the building!! 

This piece is by Alex Karakis
entitled: "Sushi-Me"

That's one heck of an art piece.
There's something about tentacles and penetration that takes
the word kinky to the next level. Now, we got some octopus
sea creature beastality shit going on. I love her glitter art 
really do, this was one of my favorites. Alex is also well known, 
She's a thriving artist, who is also in charge of the event, ETA Awards.

it's when you fully meet the person behind the work is the best part* 


This sculpture piece is by Vanessa Le Page
entitled: "Knocker"

This really is a knocker! I really like the bronze color 
with that minty green, it has a very elegant contrast. Plus
the piercing with the ball, very, very naughty. That's more 
than a handful! I like the detailing in the cup of the breast. 
I can respect sculpture artists because they take a lot of 
time to plan out to visual an idea and to create a physical form. 

 Terry Gordon and his kinky bears 

This piece is by Laurlaee Kalloway
entitled: "mack attack" 

Tattoos, ice cream with sprinkles, half shaven head? 
Love it.
Boxer braids, tongue out and naked? 
This is like somebody directly flirting with you. 
What makes it hot is the ice cream is also dripping from her hands
love the bright blue background, makes the subject stand out even more
it's a real solid effort. I really like it as a real piece of art. 

Then we got some pieces by the curator, the man himself
Christian Aldo! 

entitled: "The Eatery" 

The play on words are fantastic and the way it's also constructed 
  It really makes the impression that it's a good place to eat! 

 Christian Aldo
entitled: "The Summer Tit House" 

Who wouldn't want to spend their summers at a tit house? 
 what an amazing work an art. I mean sculpture is becoming 
more appealing to me every time I see something like this 

Christian Aldo
entitled: "The Temple of Love"

Kris Moors 
entitled: "Hard Lickers" 

Mysteriousness is also apart of exotica 
and clearly we got too girls licking an expressive cover up dong
honestly just the tongue action alone is dope as fuck
I like that just because it's not a traditional painting that it can 
still make the impact and also resonate with viewer eyes 
Money Shot! 

Living the dream 

This piece is by Jimmy Michaels
entitled: "Free" 

and damn right she looks free, for a great painting 
it sure shouldn't be. What I love about this piece 
in particular is the fact that it's a very smooth 
and blended piece. Like Jimmy must have the hands 
of an angel cause it's very clean. from the sky 
to the waves in the background it's very fluid 
and light. The subject is also flowing along as well
and it gives a very mysterious quality, it's like "I wonder what her face looks like" 

Shout out Miss Sara Di Clemente! 
Here we have two of her insanely kinky paintings 
The detailing and use of black and grey is fanastic 
straps, whips, handcuffs and masks!
really love the lipstick color on her first piece!

There was also many performances both nights at the Gallery and it was pretty amazing. 
Who doesn't want to see a strip tease, some pole action, flaming tits and slam poetry. 

Sorry guys, I was too deeply invested in what I was watching to take enough pictures to show y'all all of the performances, but I might later on upload the video that I have. It was truly a sexy ass art show. I was so happy to be apart of it like always I mean this feels like a bench mark on my part. 

From last years random drop in at the gallery to this year being included in 3 shows means a lot to me, and constantly meeting new people, bumping into different artists and media makers you can say that I'm getting somewhere and there's more in store.


I usually do like a "stand out" piece that I really love and blah blah blah... 

but due to the all the pieces being uniquely expressive and amazingly super dope, I don't really have an stand out piece, if anything it would be the "American Standard" by Craig Mahood... 

but representing Idiot Box Cat and myself I can't forget my own work(s) of art... 


Sausages, Pizza, eggplant, dildos and watermelon candies? 

This piece is by Richie Bubb
entitled: "Stacie Glow" 

So, i'm guessing this is the part where I have to explain myself? 

So, this is a character I came up with. Her name is Stacie Glow
she's a porn star and apart of a new comic series I'll be coming up with 
in the near future. Anyways, what I like most about my piece of art 
is the color! The playfulness and the sheer fun that this piece brings
It's exoticism is founded in the way I used certain foods to entertain 
the idea of sex in a very subtle but also in a direct way once you understand
the symbolism behind it. Yes, her tongue is long. Yes, that is a dildo on her
butt and breasts. I don't think it would a metal one though! 

So, In closing. The Super Summer Naughty Show was stellar! 

Anytime you want to see something off-the-wall, creative, different and very out there, come to the Super Wonder Gallery. Amazing crowd of people and they always have a good time. Lots of events! As for this post is concerned we're at the end, and once again I have another tally to put towards my journey as an creative! 

Link: Click Here

It's all making those memories... even if they are erotic! 

Paint-Life. 2016. 


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