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Monday 9 November 2015

Visionary Art Exhibition

Ready to get a little mystical?

Visionary Art Exhibition

Last Saturday, I went to an visionary art exhibition. I was invited by a friend to come out for this art exhibition and I agreed on going. Located in Liberty City in the Great North, I walked down a long street to finally reach the end where the event was held.

Now, I've never really heard of "visionary art" before, and as the name suggests, it's basically outer-dimension, elusive, mystical and very spacey genre of art. Which is cool. Walking into a room full of mystical theme paintings, bongs, incense, neon colored lights and florescent drapery would really bring some spirits alive or make you have a enjoy a really good high or an acid trip.

Speaking of which. I had a conversation with a lady there, who is an artist as well. She was talking about taking drugs like Shrooms and Acid. She said that when she would do these drugs the effects would give her visions. Which would inspire her to create her paintings. She said when she was high, it was like an image was being projected on to the paper while she was looking at.  She said it was like getting transported to a completely different dimension. She recommended to do that sort of activity in a safe place, and to respect the drug. Once you know your limit you can open up different and probably endless possibilities.

Well, I could look at it like... Maybe she likes getting high.

Anyways on to the Art!


Now, I don't know any of the artists in this exhibition...
but, they had some great work. 

"Eternal Equinox" by Raja Rhythmics

I spoke to the artist about this piece "Eternal Equinox". 
He painted a combination of animals composed a certain way 
to create an one overall animal. 

I had thought that it was a "bear". He said that everybody guessed the same 
thing I said, but he said it's suppose to be a "wolf" 

i guess it's funny how two people can see two different things by looking at 
the same image. I really liked the painting. 

 Before we end this mystical adventure, we have to see what's up with the white diamond princess...

At the event, they had some people on slits dressed in cosplay. The girl you see there and a dude who dressed up in a karate suit, had a battle during the event. The white diamond princess won the battle, and I'm not even sure that's her name. She probably said it, but I forgot it by now. There was excitement when they came from out of a tiny door right behind her, me on the other hand felt like a midget to a giant.

Anyways, the event was good. I experienced art that i haven't seen before and with every event you go to, there's always going to be something that you haven't seen before, and that's what makes it interesting. That's what makes it alive and fresh. In terms of the event though, the atmosphere was great, the response was well. I personally liked what I saw, and the characters on the slits were a good addition to the event. Not to take away anything from the show, but I wished they had more art.

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