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Thursday 12 November 2015

Smartphone Era Magazine: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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Smartphone Era Magazine, the new everything-you-need-to-know-about our-current-and-ever-changing technology. Of course, we don't just stop there, we talk about the hot new apps that are coming out for our handheld devices, hot new flashy trends of the online world, the latest in technology business and design, and what effect our technology has on our society as a whole.

We are about to see a whole new world of what our technology can do for us, but are we really documenting it right? That's where we come in, from the latest software designers to the fashionable and glamorous world of upscale design of technology, we are right there in the spirit of the moment to meet, see and experience it all with the best collaborators, designers, engineers, and more importantly the big CEO's who are all behind it all.

Today on Smartphone Era Magazine, we got to interview "Sammy" the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone in the segment: "In the Spotlight", as we discussed everything from the brand new capabilities to what he thinks about his competitors. Sammy gave us a little insight into the new Edge technology as well as how he feels about the Android's front and leading line of devices, the Galaxy S series.

And welcome to another segment of "In the Spotlight", we have gone to sunny California where we met up with Sammy Galaxy, the hot new Samsung Galaxy Smartphone that came out a few months ago. 

So, it's a pleasure and an honor to meet you Sammy, tell us, what set you apart from the current smartphone market? 

Indeed, and thank you for coming, well, what can I say? I'm one curvy ass phone! (ha-ha) you can view messages, missed calls and any app activity you like just by watching my curves baby, I got night mode, 3 gigs of ram, I got 16 mega pixels on my camera, all kinds of stuff, I'm that good! 

So, Apple released their newest product, the iPhone 6S, how do you feel about their new product? 

Who? the iPhone 6S? Well, I'm kind of indifferent to the whole, ya know, Apple movement. 
If you want more out of your smartphone come to Android. that's all I can say on THAT matter... 

How you do you feel about the Samsung Galaxy line that you came from? 

They're my brothers, and I feel like we are the hottest devices around, no doubt, we're killing it! We make these guys look like cordless phones, I don't really see them having too many "smart" 

Okay, well thank you for this interview, it was a real pleasure speaking to you! 

You too baby, WINSTON! I think we need more side shots, my curves are not getting the attention they deserve!

And there you have it. We thanked Sammy for giving us the pleasure for being apart of this fresh new urban magazine that delivers great news about technology to everyone and anyone. Tell us, how you feel about the Galaxy S6? Does the Edge technology make it easier to receive notifications and e-mails? Do you think that the Galaxy S6 is better than the iPhone 6S? We at Smartphone Era magazine gives you the info while you make the ultimate decision, what works best for you? From the latest in phones, tablets and laptops, to new and improved technological advancements that makes you day that much more easier and accessible, This is Tosh Mackem signing off...

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