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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Boloebi Charles Okah: DEFIANCE

Hey there folks,

One of my friends had his first solo show and I'm super proud and happy for him. This is an accomplishment of any artist. To have your first solo show in the art world means so much to artist as well as everyone else supporting the artist and his/her body of work.

without a further a-do...

BAND presents: DEFIANCE, the first solo art exhibition of Boloebi Charles Okah

Boloebi Charles Okah's exhibition, "Defiance" is a tribute to the strength of women. He celebrates women as strong, fierce, confident, capable and ready to defy anyone or anything that hinders them. Okah uses vibrant arrangement of patterns, compositions, and colours from a variety of cultures to solidify his message. This pays homage not only to women today but to a visual and cultural vitality that can only occur when united.

Nigerian born Bolobei Charles Okah has lived in and traveled to over ten different countries within three years, including India, South Africa, Mexico, France and Haiti. The traditions and visual connections, between his Nigerian home and his travels, collided to form the base of his artistic technique. Observing a unique mix of colors, images and patterns, Charles developed a way to capture the multiplicity and complexity of culture in his pieces. An array of shapes and forms work together to create a unified composition that reflects his multicultural perspective on love and diversity. Okah studied at the University of Kansas where he graduated with a BFA in Visual Arts. He currently resides in Toronto.

BAND is an Organization who are geared towards the dedication of supporting, documenting and showcasing the artistic and cultural contributions of Black artists and cultural workers in Canada and abroad. Their vision are to connect black culture to communities to inspire, enlighten and educate through the arts. They are sponsored by Scotiabank.

The Artwork

"After the Rain"
Oil on Canvas 
30 x 40 

"Christine and the Pearl" 

Oil on Canvas 
30 x 40

"Fight Club"
Oil on Canvas 
36 x 48 


Oil on Canvas 
24 x 48

"Yellow Fever" 
Oil on Canvas 
30 x 40

"Welcome to the Jungle" 
Oil on Canvas 
36 x 48

Charles also did some other pieces in different mediums

 Plaster and Acrylic
32.5 x 24. 5

The Medium used is called "Terracotta"

and for the stand out piece... 

 Oil on Wood
36 x 48

I love the Dawn "piece", as many others who attended the show. Charles really knows how to compose his art, along with the colors to get the maximum effect in the eyes of the viewer. The wood that he used for this piece is very smooth and the colors he used for the feathers translates very well. 

The thing I loved most about his work is that it is very vibrant. He breaks up the colors by gradient and works in it very well with contrasting colors that he used from the background. The Kaleidoscope piece that he did is impressive. The really enjoy the depth that's displayed, as well as playing around with different shapes for the black and white pattern that he used.

This show opened up my eyes to how very alive Art is. Don't get me wrong I always know that the Art scene is very alive and living amongst our world of building and mortar, bricks and stones, and our cut and dry world. Then again shows and exhibitions like this lets me know as well as many others that... 
Art is not just a "hobby" as one person once told me. Art is more than that. Making art is lifestyle, a passion and a career that can flourish, inspire and fulfill the lives of those who are making it. Those that are buying it and those who are skeptics of it. 
With the help of organizations like BAND, Pancakes and Booze as well as many others, and sponsors like Scotiabank, I believe that we can make our communities colorful, more brighter, happier, and it enables us to give our world more expression than ever. 

Decorate your homes, your schools, your offices and your spaces with Art and you will see an enhancement in not only your atmosphere, but it creates moods, it inspires thinking and uplifts creativity, not only for creatives, but for everyone who needs to see things in a different perspective and a different light. 

I am so pleased that I attended this event, and I am more pleased that an artist like Bolobei Charles Okah are making waves in the community with his works. 

To get in contact with Bolobei Charles Okah 
Website: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here

To get in contact with BAND
Website: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here

Oh, and the exhibition runs from October 29th till November 22nd.

Paint-Life. 2015.


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