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Monday 16 November 2015

Save Our World, Save Our Lives.

Hey there folks,

Before I talk about this topic, I would like to express: My condolences to all of the families and loved ones who have lost family, friends and community members in the wake of the deadliest terror attacks, natural disasters and otherwise. It's really sad to know that we are still a long way from world peace.

Now, I'm no activist, and I'm not a world/community leader that deals with societal and world issues, but I am a person. I am a living human being just like a lot of people that's in the world of today. I might not understand why things happen or what caused these conflicts to happen the way they do, but I can tell you that I am a person who just like many others are aware of the growing state of our world

I feel as though people are starting to come to terms with reality in a broader perspective then most realized 20 - 30 something odd years ago. That doesn't mean that people weren't aware at those times, it just means that we have the tools and the technology accessible to reach a wider and a more global audience. Which in fact, is a very good thing. People are being informed and aware of the state of the world, without having to sit at home and watch it on their television screen.

I think, a lot of governments and organizations that we've put our trust and faith into are slowly starting to dissolve, as "we" the citizens/people are starting to see beneath their status, and their policies and their public standing. Whether it's right at home, whether you live in North America, or Europe or even the Middle East, people are starting to rebel and are really starting to take a stand for what is just and what is right.

We have seen it from the United States of America, the lawlessness and the brute force of what state policemen are doing to their citizens and civilians. We have seen everyone from Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, to the black girl who was at a pool party slammed to the ground with brute force by a police officer, to another girl who was thrown and bodyslammed by a police officer in a classroom, the list goes on and on.

We are also experiencing a global regime, an Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS, running around bombing, shooting, killing and beheading innocent lives from one country to the next, without any disregard for who they are or what they represent.

Two days ago, I had went on Facebook while going to a friend's house. I have seen all these posts about Paris. I didn't understand why until I've seen the reason for it. The Islamic group (ISIS) has went to France to terrorize and form a deadly attack against the citizens of the French people. They killed over 100 people and injured dozens. From what I've read they have went to multiple spots within Paris, shooting up restaurants and shops to finally reaching a concert hall where dozens of people lives were lost from the wrath of the terrorist group.

Meanwhile, on Facebook...
My timeline was flooded with people changing their profile pictures, by adding a filter that made their profile picture the same colors as France's national flag. Now, Facebook has become a place for news, entertainment and everything in between. People in general have a habit of jumping on trends, whether it's socially accepted or not and want to ride the waves just because everyone else is doing it. I feel as though, you can be faking your awareness and your empathy, or you can be attracted to a cause by doing something about it, rather than moving your thumb just a bit to rack up the "likes" you may get.

I decided to not change mines, for the simple fact that if I'm not going to do something about the situation or to see if I can help in anyway shape or form, then there's no use for me just pasting a filter over my profile picture. (That's not to say that I am judging those who have done exactly that)

What I am trying to say is that, sometimes the fact that we share things over the internet and bring info to others that are ignorant about what's going on, will bring awareness to people like me and you. whatever we do with that info is up to the viewer. Taking the steps to donate, to bring service or otherwise would make much more of a impact in regards to posting up a filter.

But like I said, I'm not judging anyone for it.

As for me, I wish I can do something or provide whatever I have to make a difference, although, I ultimately know that I'm not in a position to do so, yet.

Before, I end this post...

I would like to say that, our world is coming towards a great unconscious awakening of minds from all across the globe, we as individuals are starting to see what we want out of life. We want to have a more happy, prosperous, sincere and peaceful life. We want our world to be purified from all of the toxins that clog our world whether it's man-made or it's naturally bred. We have these old systems that are starting to break down, governments and leaders who aren't doing anything for their societies and people who need to be removed and overthrown. I know that we aren't there yet, but we will get there, and when we do get there, that's when we are going to demand, Our freedoms, Our rights, and Our liberties.

"Save Our World. Save Our Lives."


Paint-Life. 2015.

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