Idiot Box Cat : Review: Fluffy Flat Muffins & Uncle Al

Monday 26 October 2015

Review: Fluffy Flat Muffins & Uncle Al

Before I start, I apologize for me having shitty cell phone quality pictures... 

Hey there folks,

Since I didn't have a chance to post pictures from April's event, I really took the time to make sure I got took a couple photos for the October show that Pancakes and Booze held at the Opera House.

I just want to let y'all know, that the show had a wonderful response. There was so many creatives, artists, photographers and vendors alike at this show. I met a lot of passionate and great people there and the atmosphere was so great.

I'm not going to make this a long post, because although there's much to say for this event, I would rather let the art that these artists create do the talking, but I would like to just say a few things.

Although the Blue Jays didn't win, Toronto has shown support like no other to their team. The Blue jays did a great job (They had aired the game at the event)

Pancakes and Booze did a great job with the set up, and they had live dancers.

and this time, I finally gotta pancake.


A special shout out to Lisandro Pena, who did this amazing dog piece. 

My Atomic Series.

At the Pancakes and Booze Art Show I was selling these Instagram Girl Prints. 

I know I'm missing more important artists that should be on here, so I apologize if I've met anyone at the show who is looking at this right now that don't have there work on here. If and when we see each other again, I will represent you properly. 

Without a further a do, this art show like this last one taught me a lot, it has prepared me for the next art shows in the years to come. It was fucking amazing. To anyone reading this, if you appreciate art like I do, It's best to come out to this event and see the amazing artists that's out there. 

even if you aren't in the same city as I, Pancakes and Booze are international, whenever they come around to your city, make sure you go out and support your fellow artists in city, town or whatever. 

Everything is art, without it, we wouldn't be alive. 

Oh, and another special shout out to DJ Warmuffin Click Here (a friend of mine) who did an amazing job getting everybody in the groove deejaying that night along with another DJ.


catch you on the flip side folks. 

Paint-Life 2015. 



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