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Monday 20 July 2015

Portrait Series.


So, here's a little back story.

After I participated in the Pancakes and Booze Art show in April of this year (which was awesome by the way, I'm so disappointed I didn't blog it at the time) I embarked on a new journey towards creating something of substance. Something that I wanted to have handy to show people at the next art show. So, it just so happens that I started to do "realistic" and somewhat "cartoony" portraits of people. I started to do this in preparation for the next upcoming show, event, showcase or whatever.

I started drawing people's faces in May. I started off by drawing people that I honestly wanted to draw. Quickly, that formed from drawing people I liked to people messaging me, asking for a portrait to get done. At the time, I was pretty stoked and excited that I was getting requests from people who a) genuinely likes my art work and what I do, and b) people wanting me to get a portrait done because one of their peers had they're face drawn, so like the saying goes "I want one too".

I made a flyer. Most of me doing this was done over the power of "Social Media" which when you use it to market yourself and your products and works, it can really be beneficial for you and what your trying to accomplish. Anyways, I made a flyer. Basically, taking request for portraits so I can build this little thing called a "Portfolio".




These samples are a few of many portraits that I have done over 2 months. Each of these portraits took time to complete, anywhere from like 4 to 8 HRS of work. Dude, I must have over 30 portraits done because of this portfolio I wanted and did put together. It was a lot of work, a lot of time and dedication to put this whole "series" together. The faces that you see there are people that I either know personally or have met them in real life, but I also welcomed individuals who i've never seen a day in my life. 

From family members, to my friends, to strangers I've never met before, I put them all into my little project because I needed something to show and call my own (not meaning that drawing portraits is something that I call my own) 

I successfully completed my portfolio in time for my deadline. I am super stoked that everything turned out the way it did, even though when you're dealing with people, it can be a headache sometimes, but other than that it was fucking dope as fuck. 

Add me on Instagram: @mroutsyder 
where you will see more of the portraits that I've done and completed. 
Stay tuned for more see shit from me, I won't leave y'all too much out of the loop. 

Paint-Life. 2015. 


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