Monday 20 July 2015


 Good day folks, 

It's been a while since I've blogged, I've been dealing with a few obstacles in relation to blogging and posting. Hopefully I will bring more posts and source of content soon. Its safe to say stay tuned. 

But anyways, I came to talk about something very exciting. On the 23rd of June I attended an event in Toronto called: Art Battle Canada. 

Art Battle Canada is a live painting competition. It consists of artists from their respective hometown/city who battle each other by painting anything of their choice under 20 minutes. There are 3 rounds, the first 2 rounds each consists of 8 artists, the the final round deals with 6 artists from each round who wins the most votes. This year was their 298th battle. 

I attended the event because one of my friend's was participating in the competition. So, this was my first time attending this awesome event with some of the most incredible artists who are either established, upcoming, or newbie. I was amazed by the skill and the tenacity of those who are competing, it was a very energized atmosphere of beautiful, creative and passionate individuals.

Art Battle Canada, Battle 298
They usually hold these competitions at "The Great Hall" in Toronto. 

Great artists, amazing fucking art work.

one of the competitor's, Mark Liam Smith did this amazing piece. 

Apparently, this dude right here is well known in the art battle community. 

J.W. Pang another competitor who is painting in the previous picture
did this really awesome painting, Like I said, he's well known.
He had a lot of supporters at this battle. 

In the first picture, the person painting there is one of my good friends,
Liliana Monterio. 
She did a really good landscape of sea and sky.
Which I think was pretty dope. 

At Art Battle Canada, they do this raffle thing where people put their names in a hat, 
the announcer of the show and host, picks a random name out of the hat and that person 
becomes apart of the competition. In Battle 298, a woman named "Julie" was that person they picked to participate in the competition. 

Last, but not least, in this picture there's the most voted piece for the third and final round. The winner of the Art Battle Canada, Battle 298, belongs to an artist named: "Nick Sweetman". 
Since, he's won the competition here in Toronto, he goes on the Nationals in Ottawa, Ontario. 

After every round, each piece from each artists goes on to take apart in a "silent auction", where the starting bid is $50 and it goes up after each bid someone places.

And there you have it folks, Art Battle Canada, Live Painting Competition, Battle 298. It was an amazing event, with very talented artists and individuals. 


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