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Sunday 26 July 2015

The Super Big Top Show


What's going on? Welcome to "The Super Big Top" exhibition art show.

Before I get into that, let me start from the beginning, as I didn't know about this show at all.
It was a cool Saturday night and I happened to be in the neighborhood where this art show took place.
I saw the venue, the people, and these works of art that I thought it was dope!

So, I went in and this show is a circus/clown theme art show, most of the artists did paintings and created pieces of carnival type imagery. They had some amazing pieces at the venue called "The Super Wonder Gallery". 

 Okay, so let me start off by saying, shows with themed events are pretty dope. Cause mostly every single piece of art at that show represented the overall theme of the show. The Super Wonder Gallery also did some nice hanging pieces here too. The set up was simple, nothing too crazy.

Now, it's time to show the art!

This piece is by Jessica Wolpe. 
I didn't happen to get the title of the piece. I love this abstract piece and the different elements she used to combine it all together and make it work well. I think the lion eyes and mouth are pretty dope. Abstracts are always cool to look at, because even thought they won't make sense looking at it at first, it really makes your brain try to figure out some shit. 

 Dude, hanging this somewhere in your house, would be pretty dope to look at.
Now, I don't know who the artist is, I apologize as I was interested more in this person's work, 
but man I can imagine how many hours did person take on this piece, It's really cartoony and really detailed. The fact that it really represents the theme is also awesome, like you can see that this piece of work fits for this gallery show. Awesome as fuck.

This piece is by Andrew Heffron. 
 I like this little sculpture. Stuff like this would make me wanna get into sculpture. 

This piece is by Rusiko.
I know someone that would really appreciate the creativity in this piece. Which i think it's pretty vibrant, unconventional and retro. Like, I get a big 60's-70's retro feeling from that piece of art. 
Even the pink frame gives off this very vintage style. Dude, beige colored walls, and this piece would look perfect hanging on it. 

Hey, what can I say, this man eating chicken looks very convincing. 
The Super Wonder Gallery did a great job of putting on an awesome show. 
I wish I came Friday, I heard it was even way better and the response was louder. 

This piece is by Marc Sorozan. 
Simply amazing, like this right here is some renaissance shit. 
The Super Big Top Show had a great response in terms of sale. The little stickers that are situated on the title card represents that it has been SOLD. This piece is a classic, I like how well it's been put together. I can appreciate pieces like this because when it's done right, it really does it's thing. 

These pieces are by Jeremy Lewis. 
The love for the abstract. Sometimes, it's not about the fact that these types of painters just try to make a whole bunch of scribbles and kindergarten lines and splashes and blotches. It's about form, space, shape, color, and all of the other elements of art that makes pieces like this come alive and become pieces of work that you would like in your house. Invite your friends over, this will give them something to talk about. Art, that's what it's suppose to do. It sparks conversations.

 These pieces are by F.N. Vegas.
Keeping the circus theme going, we have a number of pieces here done by this artist. These pieces are really retro looking, carnival styled art works that are very dark and showy. These would be perfect to hang at like a hunted house at an amusement park. Or on the side of the wall in your office, especially if you're clown and you entertain little kids. I like it though, and the artist sold like half of the series, good job! 

and for the last piece.. 

This painting is by Stina. 
This is my favorite piece in the whole exhibition!
The black frame and white mat is very classic and classy. This artist did an amazing job with this piece, it looks like it's charcoal that was used. The detailing in the face and the hair is totally dope.
Simple, but intense. The artist keeps the theme, but the piece itself stands out. I would say it's emotional to a degree, because of how the face paint is put on the face of the girl, but it's very dark, and magnetic. This would definitely be like something of a master bedroom piece. You can even hang up above the fireplace if you got that kind of space. In the middle of a spiraling staircase? Why not. 
This piece was also sold as well. This artist did a great job, and delivered a good piece. 

All of these artists did. They all did a great job showing off their talent in this exhibition show.  There's a lot of talented people out there, I hope to see more of these shows and great artists. Who knows, you'll probably see more of my stuff out there too, soon enough. 

In closing, 

The Atmosphere of The Super Wonder Gallery was dope, the gallery director, Christian Aldo did a great job with the show, I thought that the set up was amazing. Simple. Nice. There was a lot of art there that really caught my eye, the ones I blogged about here are the ones that I thought were really dope. It's amazing and cool when I see great art being exposed to the public, and the public likes it, wants to buy it and appreciate, talk about it and invest in it. Art collecting is not just a hobby for some, it's actually a lifestyle, just like any other lifestyle. Ultimately, the artists who makes great work probably all have different goals and visions, but the one thing that they probably have in common is the fact that they want people to see that they have the ability to create something great! 

Paint-Life. 2015. 


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