Idiot Box Cat : Golden Flowers with Red Dots.

Thursday 27 November 2014

Golden Flowers with Red Dots.

"Golden Flowers with Red Dots". 18' X 24". Acrylic on Canvas.

Okay before I begin to say anything about this painting, I would like you to know that this painting right here was birthed through a mistake. Yes, folks I had another idea for a painting, but as soon as I started it, I fucked up and I...  Did not throw out the canvas.

Back in my younger days, I probably would have.

Awh, what growing up does to ya'. You tend to grab two of your friends: Patience and Persistence along for the ride.


This is called: "Golden Flowers with Red Dots". It's an water-based acrylic on canvas. 18" X 24" and it depicts a flower patch. I never had an idea after I fucked up on the painting, so I just painted it purple.

Then, I started to add yellow pedals as the base for my little flower (I was "advised" to add red, but yellow seems like more of an appropriate fit. Plus if I go back to "Color Theory" in college, Yellow is opposite from Purple...) At this point, I came up with something fresh and exciting. I had to wait for the purple to dry because I went crazy with the paint brush. The streaks you see in the painting is from heavy doses of the paint applied to the canvas.

"BRING SOME COLOR IN YA LIFE, GIRL!" and that's what I had to do.
I expanded my painting with some little orange for the pedals, made it a little darker. Fixed up the background. I put a sky and some grass and made it look more down to earth. Which is great cause that's what I wanted. For those who don't know, it's going to be a flower patch. I like color.

I live in a city filled with black jackets, jeans, leggings, booty shorts, ball caps and all kinds of shit. Black goes with everything. It's too easy. It's the go-to color. Ultimately, it's the best color for what?

You done guessed it. Outlining.

Yeah I started to outline the outside of the flower making it pop-out more. Giving it more intensity, because you know what? In the previous picture, the flower looks too soft. It's like teddy-bear soft. I needed to toughen the definitions up a bit more. Plus... I worked on the sky a little bit too.

By now you see I've added the red-dots to the flower making it look exotic. I google searched some flowers, but never really bothered to suck in the influence, so I went off the imagination I originally had. I've added some more flowers to make it look like it's in a flower patch. I tighten the definitions up for the other two flowers with outlining (Shown in the finished piece)

Yeah, so this took me about 4 days... after the mistake. That taught me to be more inventive with mistakes and blah blah, have a bit more patience with imagination...

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