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Sunday 30 November 2014

Wise Mix's Art Show.


Before I start, I want to say that I am so happy to be an artist, a creator, a person full of passion and excitement. I'm even more stoked when I see other people as creative, talented and passionate in their art work and their creative endeavors. Like, fuck dude I am so impressed when I see people that I know are rising up in the things they love to do, which brings to me to blog about this...


I went to an art show yesterday featuring two lovely ladies that I have went to school with. They are passionate and lively artists like myself. They have put in a lot of effort into planning, creating, managing and hosting a great art show that they've been planning for 4 months, and through all their hard work they have created an amazing art show.

So, lets get started.

They called themselves "Wisemix"... "Artists working wise" and they are a collective of two artist by the name of Lily and Sammy. They are mixed media artists who have experimented with different types of media (different art-mediums.. Not Television, or Paparazzi. We got some dumb people out there, so I have to clarify what that means) They use Gouache-Acrylic, Acrylic, Oil, markers, ink... etc.

They're paintings range from very vibrant colors and splashes to darker colors that have a earthy and solid feeling. A lot of the works in the show were of faraway tropical places, harmonizing sun sets, sea creatures and lovely flowers to the solid and busy streets of Toronto. Trust me, their art work is awesome. The show was held at the Artscape Youngplace in Toronto. Bright white walls. Long hallway. Great venue.

So, this is some of Sammy's work. I didn't manage to take a lot of photos, because my phone was suffering on low battery, and just like a museum you don't want someone to be snapping pictures of everything they see. Besides that, Sammy has some great pieces in the show. She has some series (Like a 'series' of paintings) of trees, studies of human bodies and other things. She also painted this really really awesome piece of water splashing on a couple rocks. I think it's so amazing, not because of the subject matter, but of how she did it and how the painting actually came out. Another stand out piece by her is of a 'Jellyfish' swimming in the ocean. That painting is fucking VIBRANT.  The way she painted it also gave a really cool effect because any which way you hang the painting, it will most definitely work. 

and this is Lily's work. She has a lot of beautiful pieces of flowers like Orchids. She had paintings of star-fishes, forest scenery, tropical scenery, street scenes and of course our fucking awesome city in whole wide world: Toronto. To be honest, I love both of their works individually and collectively, but there's a painting of a 'peacock' that Lily did that is vibrant, colorful and very epic artistically. Apart from mixing different mediums together, Lily has also incorporated spray-painting to her works. (If a person can spray-paint really well, and make it work with the art and concept, big round of applause for YOU. Cause you're awesome for doing so) Another stand out painting from Lily is a landscape piece she painted in oil. The painting has more earthier and darker tones to it, but I'm telling ya' hang that piece above your fireplace and you have yourself a keeper. It was one of the pieces they had up for a raffle they put together. The other piece was painted by Sammy (collective... Remember?)

All in all, it was a great show. They had drinks, food and great art that needs to be recognized and appreciated. I'm fucking proud of those two for doing this all on their own, pulling it off and having a successful show in their respects. They even give you a package for coming...

Great people. Great show. Great pieces of work. One great evening.

Follow these great artist and check out their website(s)

Lily: @babyblueboots = instagram/ Lily's Website
Lily's Facebook Page

Sammy: @samwiseart = instagram/ Sammy's Website

Sammy's Facebook Page
Sammy's Tumblr
and like their facebook page:

'Till next time...


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