Idiot Box Cat : Play Wit' Her, Playboy

Friday 21 November 2014

Play Wit' Her, Playboy

"Play wit' her, playboy". 18" X 24". Acrylic on Canvas.

So, as you can see I've made a brand-new spanking painting. Subject matter is a little edgy and in your face (which is the style that I personally like) and it's very detailed. 

I got inspired to do this painting from a photo shoot I had went to a week ago. The photo shoot was awesome, got to see a lot of beautiful ladies and seen some amazing shots being taken. One of the photographers I know, she took out some crispy photos of the models and they look stunning.

The model that have inspired me to paint this picture had a very, very hot photo shoot and it was bananas, so I decide to paint this for inspiration more than anything because of how the pose and the concept of the shoot they were playing around with.

Here's the breakdown. It took me about 3 days to complete this painting. Most of it, I've spent like a good chunk of painting it in the late hours of the night, and the payoff of doing that resulted in the painting you see there before you on the screen.

Follow the Model: @estrellasuwu/hotbodyestrella = Instragram 
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The concept for this painting is this: "She's a hot model, who's carrying a gun. She had the most fire in the shoot, so I put the "Bang-Bang" (along with the blood stains) in the back to symbolize how she effects the audience (she leaves 'em dead because she strikes a "killer" pose)  I put the playboy in the painting to symbolize she's a very hot girl toying with a deadly weapon.

So, the tagline?
"If you like a girl hot enough to shoot it, then play wit' her, playboy"

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