Idiot Box Cat : X-Ray Glasses: I Can See Through You.

Monday 6 January 2014

X-Ray Glasses: I Can See Through You.

You want to talk about privacy? Fuck Facebook and all these other social-networking sites that wants to know very inch about you. Fuck these FBI agents and these private investigators that be watching your very move and ripping up your house when your not home like the family dog (not saying that you are being watched. That's scary huh)
and these people keeping databases of all our information and shit.

Now I know what your thinking (what the fuck are you talking about?) and I'm going to tell you. Imagine if we had "X-Ray" glasses? Can you imagine what that reality would look like? Well I can tell you one thing. It'd make it easier for these private investigators to do their job. It'd be easier for these cops to spot drugs and illegal activity that is hidden. It'd be easier to know what the hell is going on behind closed doors. "You don't know what happens behind closed doors" well you will know once you have X-Ray glasses. Doctors probably won't even do a "physical check up" on you. The doc probably look at you and be like "yeah, it seems like your starting to get bronchitis. Listen, I'm going to prescribe you some medicine for that" the person would probably be like "Eh, doc? What about my check up" Doctor probably turn around and put on his glasses like "There's no need, but it looks like your heart doesn't look like it's doing well. Here let me prescribe you... " and you get the point.

Man, in the world of the social and dating realm, ah man don't let me even go there. X-ray glasses could probably do more harm then good in that area. Dudes be out here just looking at girls and not the way they usually look at them (if you know what I mean) and women would probably know how to weed out men based on a few things. "Hey Jenny, look put these on..." and when Jenny would put them on she would turn and say "OMG, Is Eric getting a hard on?" and you know how the rest would go. Real shit. That shit would probably happen, same with guys. X-Ray glasses man, you can't hide no more. I mean, it's not as great as X-ray vision, that's if you're talking about superheroes, but got damn, this would probably be close enough.

Imagine the laws for them shits, cause obviously there's people that still value their privacy and private time (such as I) so they might come up with certain laws for those x-ray glasses man. Like, you can't use them in government places or you probably couldn't even use those in public. I know nudists would probably won't care. "X-Ray glasses? Cool. I have nothing to hide, I'm like this every day, all day". Muslims and those that cover themselves up out the respect of their religion or whatever wouldn't like it.

In this day and age man, I feel like this shit could be possible, not that I'm hoping for it to happen, but if it did. Man oh man, the people we have out here? and their twisted behaviors? Nah, you don't want no x-ray glasses being issued just like that. Perverts/Pedophiles will probably the first ones to get and use them shits for their enjoyment. When Pedophiles be at the playground, their comfortably will probably go up 10 fold. (Don't worry, I'm not condoning that shit) I mean, if we have 3D printers now, and Amazon out here trying to send drones to people's houses and we have smartphones that can do like 5 different things at once and whatever. What makes you think a motherfucker won't find a way to invent some fucking X-Ray glasses.

The future is near. When people get X-ray glasses U.O.E.N.O it.

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