Idiot Box Cat : Guess Who's Back!

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Guess Who's Back!


I've returned after several months of no blogging action. That would be due to my work situation, no motivation and creativity on my part and other bullshit that has disabled me from really blogging and giving you guys some of what I do. 

But now I'm back, and I came back with some ART!! Yes. See, I wasn't that much of a lazy piece of shit that did nothing for those months. These paintings for the span of 2 months sort of helped me get back my groove. I had creator's block for a while. 

Anyways, enough of my stupid silly excuses and back to the nice paintings you are seeing before you. First, the painting on the top left is of a girl. This is not a girl that I know personally or anyone in particular. I don't paint/draw people I know easily because people in real life are boring and blah. Unless you look really interesting and that's when I will bother to paint/draw you. Either that, or you have requested me to draw you. 

Back to the girl. The painting is a symbolism of "Courage". Why? Well because, "red" the color that I used in the background represents a strong dominate energy. It is the color that the stop sign has, ambulance, stop lights and also anger. I mean, it's a BOLD color, if you know what I'm trying to get at. 

To be bold, you must have "Courage", and I mean a lot of times, I doubt myself in doing things because I don't have the courage to do it. Girls can give you courage (if your a dude or a lesbian) and when you're courageous you will find yourself doing things you never thought you can do. Which is exactly why I call this painting "Courage". So whenever I look at this piece, I think of what I can accomplish as a normal average everyday looking weirdo. 

Moving on. 

The piece on the top right is probably my favorite piece. I call this one "Northern Lights Lemonade" think of you and your "significant other" going to a igloo or a diner at the northern lights in whatever the hell it's located and having a nice dinner with some lemonade (or if she or he is on the classy "ah-hem" excuse me, I'm so extravagant, I need a martini or a bottle of champagne side) That would be a glorious night. So that painting just represents a night-to-remember type of thing. 

Third painting. 

Self-explanatory (Don't worry I'm not saying it directly to you, if that's your first reaction) 

And lastly, the forth painting on the bottom right is an abstract piece I decided to do. I mean, after taking a full "general" arts program in Blah-blah-blah College, I'm kind of familiar with the whole concept of art always falling into the abstract side. It's either that or.. "Oh my god, it's a Still-life" or "Oh my god, a portrait of some 1860's dude I don't give no shits about". 


and check out my new instrumental called "Rain" or all you music folk that probably like music or whatever. It's a nice instrumental to listen to when it's raining outside. Like when it's raining cats and dogs, and you can hear that shit hard on your window pane. If you're a rapper/singer, you can write something deep to this. Ya know? Just giving some ideas man. 

Till' next time...


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