Idiot Box Cat : Happiness Is Like a Cup of Tea.

Monday 6 January 2014

Happiness Is Like a Cup of Tea.

Have you ever asked yourself about your happiness? And how often you are happy in life? What does happiness offer you when you're in the moment of smiling, laughing and having a good time? Do you really stop to think, what happiness really mean to you?

It's a great time to pull out your happy faces. Look man, in all seriousness, does happiness really play a huge role in your life? I say this, because I was on the train and I overheard a conversation between two girls that came in. They were actually sitting right behind me so eavesdropping was really easy for me. One girl (let's call her 'Girl A') was talking to her friend about a girl (don't know if they were friends or whatever) and she was saying that the girl they were talking about wants to be an artist (I don't know what kind) but she wanted to go to teach (and honestly that shit is so stupid... Don't become a teacher just because all these motherfuckers running around out here acting like teaching is the best job) but Girl A recommended her not to. She was explaining how the girl will have to go do another year in Teacher's College or whatever and then once she gets her shit, she'll have to do a whole bunch of "Supply teaching" for a couple years before she gets a permanent job as a teacher. I guess the girl wants to be an artist, but she was probably getting advice from others to go into the teaching profession. Girl A, was saying to become an artist, and follow that. She didn't want her to do something that 1) wasn't worth it and 2) she's not happy with. She was explaining that art is a lifestyle and it's the kind of job that a lot of people won't understand it because of how it's portrayed and viewed in society.

Goes back to "Happiness", Do you think that she would have been happy if she made the choice to be a teacher and put art on the back-burner? Or do you think she would have been happier if she made the choice to continue becoming an artist?

In my opinion? Look man, a lot of people out here don't have the balls to do what they love because they are being persuaded by others, they're pressured by the state of society and employment, or they compromise their happiness for something that won't give them the pleasure and the satisfaction they fucking deserve and crave. You only have one life to live and some may have two (if you believe in reincarnation and blah blah) and you have to use them shits to the fullest.

See, happiness doesn't come in material form, happiness doesn't come when you have millions of dollars sitting in your bank account, or sitting in a mansion with like 5 stories and 6 bathrooms. Sure, that have something to do with your "willpower" but sometimes that's not necessarily the case with "happiness". Happiness is intangible. Happiness is creativity. Happiness is memories. Happiness is love for people and self-love. Happiness is what happens when you wake up early on a sunday morning, the sun's beaming through your blinds and the first thing you grab is a nice cup of tea or you sitting down and enjoying your favorite television show. Happiness is comfortability.

So going back to the question on whether the girl should pursue her "art career" or stick to teaching? Honestly, I don't know her personally and that was just a conversation between 2 strangers that I don't know, but what I would say is. "Whatever makes you happy", because if you're not happy with your life, then what's the point?

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