Idiot Box Cat : Laaaaate Fawn Fourth Issue.

Friday 18 October 2013

Laaaaate Fawn Fourth Issue.

After getting suspended, we meet Cooper at an abandoned house. He's talking to Neo, who is bothered by his own suspension. Cooper tells Neo that the school they're attending are full of "sheep" and he doesn't consider himself a sheep. While in the middle of their conversation, Cooper tells Neo that their friends (Kenzie and Levi) are suppose to meet him at the abandoned house. To their surprise, a big rock goes flying through the boarded window. Levi's head pops through the broken glass window and calls them out.

Kenzie comes out a few minutes after, and he tells Cooper and Neo that they are drinking alcohol and causing trouble inside in the abandoned house. Neo drops to the ground and covers his head, hoping that he doesn't get hit by the big rock that was thrown out of the window. With one hand around his head, Cooper takes one foot off the ground in case if the rock hits him as well. He yells at Kenzie for almost getting hit by the rock. Cooper asks Kenzie and Levi what they're doing tonight. As the Late Fawn characters start to assemble for their nightly outing, they start to get into a bit of trouble once all the personalities come together.

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