Idiot Box Cat : Laaaaate Fawn Fifth Issue

Saturday 26 October 2013

Laaaaate Fawn Fifth Issue

We meet the Late Fawn gang at the hang out spot. Wiley tells Levi that he can't be drunk on the missions they're attending because he will be too fucked up to do anything whenever shit goes down. Levi thinks that Wiley is just jealous because she can't drink and can't do whatever he does under the influence of alcohol. While that's going on, Cooper is outside along with Kenzie and Young Sammy.

Young Sammy is showing them niggas a new brand of spray paint, called "Extreme Paint". He tells them that he gets a link for 40 boxes that he has to pay little for. As soon as Wiley and Levi comes outside, Wiley starts going off because of the new spray paints that Cooper, Kenzie and Young Sammy are using. The Late Fawn camp are taggers. They take missions causing trouble, stealing from stores and that tagging is also involved. Now that they have gotten the new Spray paints, Cooper tells Wiley that he's tryna to start spraying. Looks like these niggas are ready to start their missions.

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