Idiot Box Cat : Laaaaate Fawn Third Issue

Friday 11 October 2013

Laaaaate Fawn Third Issue

Cooper gets sent to the office, to find out that his bad behavior and intolerance gets him suspended. Cooper is one of the main characters in the Late Fawn Comic series. He usually rebels against authority and anyone that doesn't understand him as a person. This is probably his fourth suspension since school has started, and since he doesn't really bother to care about such punishment, he usually goes on with his day without the realization of how much his behavior affects other people, as well as himself.

Ironically, He leads the rest of his friends into something that he thinks is better than what they've settle for/been given*. Although his demeanor is very nonchalant, dismissive, intolerant and very hot-headed, he actually wants to enjoy his freedom and independence, which is the reason why being suspended doesn't correlate with his Principal's concept of punishment. He provokes the Principal in some subtle tongue lashing and finds out that he is actually being sent home after the "third time".

To Cooper's surprise, he happily leaves the Principal's office and tells another friend who also gets in trouble with him. The girl who's with him is also apart of his group, and she doesn't tolerate any bullshit from anyone, even with her friends. She mocks the school's value in authority, and leaves along side Cooper, who in the end, puts up the finger to the administrative department before he exits the school. This is the introduction of these bad-ass kids from the group "Late Fawn".

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