Idiot Box Cat : Summer 2013.

Sunday 2 June 2013

Summer 2013.


To the people of the world, from the people of Idiot Box Cat Land. For those of you that live in a dual-season country like some parts in Canada and America, and those of you who will never see a patch of green grow, to those of you that see  deciduous trees, tropical trees and nice plants all year around, I want to tell you that...

SUMMER IS COMING. It's on it's way. I know those of you that aren't in the position I'm in, or should I say the "country" that I'm in, would never see the naked earth with her nice beautiful complexion, and her bright blush of different hues of blue, green, grey, brown... I live in a city, so I was bound to be explain colors of what an urban city looks like, but nah, apart from that, I love summer.

Summer reminds me of like when you're on good behavior, and you're parents is like "Okay Johnny, you can play outside now, but only for..." and you just run out the door before they can finish their sentence, cause like, what the fuck, it's nice, sunny, the weather makes you feel alive, nice, warm and shit. Why would you want the cold (No offense to those of you who live in places with colder temperatures)

When it's summer time, you can do all kinds of shit, ride bikes, play music on your boombox, go to the beach, hang out at the mall, go to a nice fancy dinner outing, go hiking, adventuring, go swimming, have a bbq, a whole bunch of shit, that honestly, you can't do in the winter time. For that season, it's all about hibernation. Don't give a fuck, cause I would do the "bear" thing for a good while.

Can't lie, that's my favorite fucking season, Summer.

But as you know, when you get older, like all that shit doesn't even matter as much, cause of work and responsibilities, people lose sight of all the little small things in life that made them happy before. I want to stay happy, it doesn't matter, if I'm 35 year old and i'm still riding bikes. Fuck all that grown up shit, at least when I have kids or whatever, they get to see how much fun a "bike" is. They will see how much fun "camping" is. Technology can't always give you that joy in life. It can't, but the thing that makes me the most happiest about summer is...

Just looking up at the clouds in the sky, and laying back on a nice high green hill, and relaxing. Yeah. That Ladies and Gentleman, is what makes all the difference, between the beautiful and joyous expressions of summer, and the bleek, sad, depressing days of Winter.

Get out. Do something. If you live in a place where it's 24/7 days of Summer weather, I would disappointed as a motherfucker, if you spend most of those days inside your fucking house. Cause, If I lived in a place like that, my friends would be the clouds. LOL.

Summer 2013. On it's Way. She's Indian.


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