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Tuesday 28 May 2013

New York City.


What's going on? Long time folks. In the previous post I mentioned that I went to New York.
I did, and it was fucking awesome for the time I visited. My grandfather and some of my family live in Brooklyn, so I've always been going down there, but all those times was when I was young and shit.

Anyways, I took some pictures of some shit I saw, because like what the fuck it's fucking New York City, there's no place like motherfucking New York. So, I documented my short trip with some crazy ass pictures. You got the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, Freedom Tower, and all kinds of crazy shit.

One of the things that I really took the time to realize is that, they got some fat motherfuckers, some whales walking around down there, so the obese epidemic is real. I know that they were "fat" but damn son, they ain't lying. Fuck, I'm just fucking around they ain't that fat, are they?

So, I'm in Brooklyn, and yeah it's very dirty, and musky and like tatted the fuck up. I was on the street, and I saw this when I came out of my aunts car. Like what the fuck does that say? It's funny cause whoever spray painted that, obviously didn't speak English, knew a few words, doesn't know how to spell in English, or was just ignorant. New York is a funny ass place, and I mean that figuratively speaking and literally (at times) and Niggas can't drive for shit.

I didn't have much time, but I got to see things i've never really took in before in NYC. City of big dreams, lights, traffic, taxis and everything in between, although there's always a darker side to New York, that people have to endure, like motherfucking cops, break-ins, niggas in the street stealing and shit. I heard that it's hard as fuck over there in some ways, especially if you're on the receiving end.

Brooklyn Bridge. The states has some beautiful architecture, for such a crazy ass country. Most of the time, I was in a car, so I didn't get to relish in the time by actually take the time to actually see this shit. It's amazing at the way they're able to make this shit look cool as fuck. I was told that there's a walkway on the bridge, so next time when I return to the NYC, I need to take some fucking picture off that big ass bridge.

Freedom Tower
 I guess that's the new replacement for the world trade center. I only saw this shit from a distance, but it looks very good. Like I said, America gets a point for being architecturally creative. Since there were two centers, they were probably like "fuck making over the two centers" and decided to just make one center by itself.

New York City nigga. The Empire State Building in the back looking promising. I wished I had time to (really) see that too.

My cousin, she took me to the mac store, she was working at during the time I visited. To my surprised, I actually got to visit the one that's either the (biggest) or the (flagship) store in New York.
This shit (on the outside) as you can see, is just glass, with the apple sign hanging on the front, and there's stairs that go down to the bottom, which is where is the "store" really is. Fucking awesome, cause I never seen that shit before, plus on the other side of the street where is Mac store is, is some fucking hotel my aunt was telling me about, apparently the kid from "Home Alone" stayed in that hotel for the movie. That's crazy right?

Yeah, I met Elmo. He's a down ass nigga. Lol, nah I'm fucking around, but I decided to take a picture with this dude in the costume. I look like I actually met someone famous. If I did, I'd probably won't give a shit (That Much)...

This is the most amazing and coolest picture that I've ever been in. Transformers? Bumblebee? That's the fucking sickest photo ever. Anyways, this replica is fucking huge. That was a shocking moment, cause I never seen shit like that before.

This picture is fucking awesome. I know how to do my thang. That person there is my cousin. We had a great time in Manhattan, Times Square.

I enjoyed myself in New York for the short time. That train in the first picture looks awesome. I took the train back from New York, and although I didn't really get to see what's really good. I'm still stoked about what I experienced. The next time, I'm going to have some good and better quality pictures, so y'all have something really crazy to look at.

I've been busy for past few days after the trip, so I couldn't tell you guys sooner, but I still got the chance to post this... Cause, New York City is an awesome place.

And... I have a video of an asian dude that did a brilliant spray painting job...


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