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Friday 7 June 2013



How's it going today? I'm doing alright, on my side of the world is very gloomy, and depressing, but hopefully tomorrow will be more "bright", but anyways...

I'm here to talk about something very brief. Not so much brief, but it's something that I think a lot of people are noticing these days, due to the ever-changing world we're in, and people trying to follow their passions and their aspirations. Now you can call me a hypocrite, and I will tell you why that is later on, but as people are starting to create, follow, explore, build, and manage new platforms and ways of doing things and connecting, It seems like there's an excess of certain things that people are getting involved in.

The reason why I say "excess" is because that is what's exactly happening now. Let me explain. As some of you know, in the world of music, especially the genre of "Rap" their seems to an overabundance of people who want to pursue a career in Hip Hop and Rap Music (starting to sound like someone familiar, right?) I mean there's always someone trying to live out the dream of being in the spotlight, and unfortunately they are over-saturating the whole meaning of the genre and the genre itself. Half of these "artists" are not artists and don't know how to make something of substance, they're following the bandwagon, they don't have talent, and they want to famous. Now I know what you're thinking, "Oh, then why would you do it?" and that's why I've been contemplating for a long time, Why would I do it? Before I answer that question, let me talk about this subject more...

You see, before the dominance of the Internet, they were still a lot of "hip-hop artists" but they were either what we call "underground" or they were "battle rappers" people didn't really pay attention to such people, because Hip-Hop was still a relativity a "new" genre and people probably wanted to do it because of what it can do for you (fame & status) and what you can get out of it (large amounts of currency, endorsements, meeting celebrities, movies.. etc) So people want to be apart of the genre because of the benefits (and that's the benefits we're talking, not the hard work, the people you have to go through, and shady dealing and the other bullshit)

Now.. aside of that.. We have clothing lines, now, with almost celebrity, fashion wannabes, basketball stars, or whoever, are always (or trying to) putting out a fashion line. In today's world, we know how fashion goes. Something could be hot today, and something could to be gone tomorrow. Now, when we're dealing with fashion, the hottest styles that has came out, has always come back around, either for a short period, or for an extensive period of time. Now everyone, just like (hip-hop artists) can't be a fashion designer, unless you've been to some fashion to know the basics, unlike hip-hop, it's hit or miss thing, for hip-hop is more like natural thing, unless otherwise. Over the years, we've seen all kinds of fashion lines that has came out, and there's probably more than thousand fashion designers, fashion lines, and little accessories. But, are they hot? and do they have a long-lasting value in terms of creativity, originality, and impact in pop culture or in culture in general. Like I said, not everybody can be a fashion designer, but then again, how do I know? I don't really know fashion...

but I do know, that when people are excessively doing what everybody else is doing, it takes away the grit, the spirit, or even the luster of what that "role" that "genre" or that "idea" holds. It's the same for people that want to be doctors, or lawyers, or even construction workers, when you have too much excess of those occupations then the market gets saturated, and people can't get as much work because there's so much people that want to be in that area of expertise. Even in the IT area, there's so many people that want to be in area, that it creates competition, and that's what it ends up becoming, a competition (there's nothing wrong with competition).

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you really want to do in life, what you're talents are, where you're strong traits are, what's your weak traits are, and where you can fit in between. Some people are multi-talented and never find a job or a right fit, a person could be good at whistling and ends up making symphonies. Back to the question, Why am I pursuing something that is saturated? and I end up asking you the same thing, why would you pursue something that is saturated? The reason why I am pursuing something that is saturated, is because I enjoy and love what I'm doing, I'm extremely knowledgeable about what I'm pursing, and I've been practicing since an early teen of what I'm pursing. To me, I've always been passionate about (music/hip-hop) that I have an eager approach towards it. I was never good at Mathematics, either was I good at science, and I never took a step in Law. I was always an artsy kind of guy, and everybody in my family and my friends/associates know that.

At the same time, I was also in the realm of people that was trying to be the next 'Michael Jordan'. Sports is also another area where people wants to be apart of. To me, I didn't purse to be an athlete, because of the overabundance of people that also wanted to. Plus, if you're taking a look at where you are in life, or where you're skills are, or how much you know, or how talented you are, you have to really decide what you can do, and what you can't do, what you're potentials are, and the area where you're just terrible.

I know at the same time, It may seem like a paradox between this post and "The Great" post I made a month ago. For this post, I'm trying to be real, but for the Great post, I'm actually trying to say, if you have a dream, and you know you have the potentials for what you're doing, as well as knowing people are backing you, because they can see the potential, the skill, or the knowledge that you have, then go for it. Do what you love to do as well.

But to be real,  at the day people were always doing what everybody does. It's called "making a living" LOL.


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