Idiot Box Cat : Life's A Bitch.

Saturday 8 June 2013

Life's A Bitch.


I know it's late, but as you know, I'm a night owl, so it doesn't really matter to me, but I'm here to drop a new track... I had a little rap for the classic Illmatic track "Life's A Bitch".

I wanted to put it on the mixtape that I'm dropping on Monday, but I wanted to get a feature on it, then again, I really forgot about it. So... I wanted to give you guys this to have.. You can call it, a little "preview" for has yet to come.

The only reason why I put "Well... Not really" on the cover of my little song cover, is because some of these niggas say "Oh it's not a freestyle, if it's not off the top of your head" (meaning that it's not freestyle without it being written) and some people say "Oh it's a freestyle if it's written or not".. To me, I think a "freestyle" is just any style of rap that is a rap, so I agree with the people that say it's either written or not, because you know what? they might as well call it a "domestyle" if y'all want it off the top of your head...



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