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Tuesday 25 June 2013



So, Today I wanted to make a post about my Zodiac Project, and I'm at the point where I'm almost ready to present the whole project, looking back at this whole project I really enjoyed making it. Taking the time and effort to work on a long-term project is awesome, even though I didn't do as much, in terms of how broad it was, but fuck it, I love it though.

Now, I'm at Cancer (the fourth zodiac sign) and I'm like "I'm almost completed this whole shit, and I don't even feel like it was long" but when you enjoy doing something you fucking love, it's like time doesn't even matter anymore. All your interests, and the time to do them makes it seem endless, timeless and just fucking fun.


Back to the project. Well, what am I doing to do with it when I'm finished? What's the point? Well, I'm planning to make a "calendar" after I'm doing with the whole thing. Yeah, a calendar. A zodiac calendar is what I would make after this whole shit. Also, what's the point? The point is my determination to finish a project, and my dedication, cause like I wanted to see if I can stick to something over a long period of time, and for my interest into this astrology shit.

By the time I finish this, I will put up pictures or even make a video to present this whole project to everyone out there that is interested in this work of mine. So, check the "Zodiac Project Page" to see everything that I've done in terms of this project and the video/pictures for the "calendar" I will present after the sign "Leo"...

If your sign lies in Cancer, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU precious people. My mother and grandmother's birthday is in this sign too... So that's why I didn't really swear after "Happy Birthday"
I'm a potty-mouth person LOL. Anyways, check out "Cancer" and all the other bullshit...

Anyways, I will catch you on the flip side.


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