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Sunday 16 June 2013

Big Brother.


I'm making a late night post, and this is not about the reality show. This is about the world at large. I'm currently depressed about what's happening in the world, there's a reason why I was very weary and suspicious about the systems of education and government when I was younger. At the time I didn't really fucking understand why I was weary about such systems because I was forced to conform and not question what everybody thought was great. Now that I am more older I have learned to accept my way of thinking and refused to follow anymore else's way of thinking.

What I'm going to be talking about relates to an older post I've made, but before I talk about that, I'm going to touch on the topic of employment. I was talking to an older woman who had been working for 38 years. She now finds work through a temp agency. We were talking about employment and how hard it was to find work. She was explaining to me that she had a friend that had a university degree and he was also looking for work, but couldn't find anything, until he got suggested to work in public transit. He had did his resume, submitted it, and eventually got an interview. Only to realize that her friend that has the qualifications and good work experience, did not get the job. During the conversation, we had come to the conclusion that it's not even about a fucking resume. It's not about how much experience you have. Nope. It's not about none of that. It's about "Nepotism" and who you know. It's sad. She had told me that many times people have wondered why she doesn't have "full-time" work, and she had explained to them that it's very hard to find work these days. So much so, that after being asked that same question many times, she simply says that "It can also happen to you" meaning that you can also be in her position in the drop of a dime. There seems to be no job security no more. 

Now, if people that have university, college degrees can't find fucking jobs and careers and people with experience can't find any jobs, who the fuck is getting work? which is one of the questions she asked, and honestly I've also thought about it. Now, I've been through the job hunt, online and offline, it shouldn't take 100 resumes to find a fucking job, it shouldn't take more than 2 years to find a damn job, but the reality is, people do go through a hundred resumes, and do go out every damn day like it's their job to find a damn job. It's sad. These fucking people that work for the government or whoever say that "Oh, well employment rates have went up" went up where? We were in a fucking recession, and I still think we're still in one. I'm depressed because I might have to stay finding work through an agency for many years like the other people who haven't found work yet. People need to make money. I need to make money. Honestly, I don't want to be working through an agency because it won't gear me towards my path of study or where my passions are.

I wonder what's going to happen in terms of employment in the few years, because things are not so great with a lot of people who are out of work, or who can't keep their work/career.

But.. Back to the topic.

In today's world with technology, electronic gadgets, and all the cool technological shit that's coming out and being created. The majority of people doesn't realize that their security/privacy is slowly being taken away. By who? Governments. The presence of cameras have rapidly become the norm, popping up everywhere. Facebook wants to know, where you went to school, who you know, the people that you know, who they know. where you are when you take pictures and all this other bullshit. Governments are taking a look into people's phone conversations, their internet data, their credit card purchases (and this shit ain't for criminal activities) this shit is only because they want to know what the fuck is going on, I think they want severe control and power over your information, so that if anything happens they have it on file, they have it on record and can blackmail you against your will, if worst comes to worst.

Big Brother is coming into full effect. I think they have caught people off guard with all this social-networking bullshit, only to take control of what they really want. Why is that companies need to see your Facebook in order to see that your an "good" candidate for their fucking company, WHEN YOU NEED LIKE 3 FUCKING YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, A UNIVERSITY DEGREE, AND ON TOP OF THAT YOU CAN'T ENJOY YOUR FUCKING PRIVACY, BECAUSE THEY NEED TO SEE WHETHER OR NOT YOU SMOKE A FUCKING JOINT, when motherfuckers in your damn company be throwing crazy parties, getting drunk and doing the same damn fucking thing? Ruining people's chances of a good career and ruining a chance at having a good employee that can do the work, that you're stupid nephew or your co-worker's brother can't do?

All these companies and people that run them shits, only want three things, greed, power and status. It's bullshit. Governments are not even in control. Banks are not even in control, not of these motherfuckers are. People are being sold false dreams, they been sold false dreams by prime-ministers and presidents, by the companies, and by the banks. Who can you put your trust in? Who?
We're in the information age where everybody can easily get access to information, to your information, to his information, to her information. Notice how every show you see on fucking TV, is either a "reality show" or resembles a "reality show", and why is that? Now I don't really watch to much TV like that, but that's what most of these people like watching, what people are doing, the fights their getting in, their secrets, the most intimate of their life. Just like celebrities. Normal people with normal lives are living their lives like fucking celebrities now.

Don't get me wrong, technology is great. I don't know much about anything to tell you the honest truth. I'm just an individual that like to make art, music and all things that are not tangible and not of this "world" I guess, but there's many things that I hear about what's happening in high places, and there's people that passionately care about their society and their countries that talk about this type of shit, and want to rebel against this shit. People are not being told the truth, people put their trust in such systems created by governments, and are being fucked over. I really hope it gets fucking better, but you know, the world has been fucked since existence.

Like I used to think like "Why do people put so much importance into school" don't get me wrong, I have nothing against learning, I love learning shit. I have a problem with the institution and what comes along with it (especially in post-secondary education) people are brainwashed to think that you need this shit in order to make it in life. People are scared that if they don't get a fucking piece of paper with a dumb signature from the dean that they won't make it in life and be somebody. Big brother controls who think should be in such places and who shouldn't, especially at that level.

Sorry, for the big rant, but aside of all the normal shit I talk about, I really wonder about the world, and why the things are the way they are. Too many systems are flawed, too many people in the position of power are abusing their power and dominance, too many people are not being told the truth and being penalized when they do tell the truth. Too much brainwashing, and honestly, too much oppression by people in high places that just don't give a fuck.

Anyways... It's all about survival. Stay safe.


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