Idiot Box Cat : The Bank Cartoon.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

The Bank Cartoon.


I'm here with a new little cartoon i decided to whip up after a long period of like no drawings, it was like I had a drawer's block in a way. So, I made a drawing about banking, which is another system that is kind of tricky in itself. I mean, the banks are awesome, in the sense that you get to save as much money as you can in a place that is "safe", but man that shit makes you spend money like fucking crazy. Once you get that bank cards that's it, it's over for your money, fucking credit cards are the worst too. Another way for hidden interests and stupid little fees that eat your money up too.

I guess the reason I did this, is because I was thinking about the tellers at the bank, and sometimes when your shit ain't all together, they would tell you that extra fees will be added or you're account is maxed out and all this other shit.

Like I said I just whipped it up because it was just a faint idea I had.

Anyways, if you haven't yet, DOWNLOAD THE FLOODING WATERS 2 MIXTAPE

Links are here:

There will be a video coming out soon, for one of these motherfucking songs that I have made.


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