Idiot Box Cat : Tribute to Nas' Illmatic.

Monday 13 May 2013

Tribute to Nas' Illmatic.


Coming to you live with a new drawing. Well, I did this a few months ago, as far as the drawing. It was only now I've decided to color it in and present it to the world, after sitting on my desktop for a long time. It's been a long time coming, and I wanted to plan on making this post on the date Nas's debut album hit stores 19 years ago.

As you can see, that did on happen, since it's May, the blah, blah. I decided i'm still going to make the post because I think I did an awesome fucking job on it, and I would like to share art with you nasty materialistic sick individuals, or for short... People. I love Nas's first album, when you cut on the album, the very first noise you hear is the roots of Hip-Hop, where it grew up and started.

It's like a whole bunch of niggas, that were mad smart, in terms of survival and street smarts, had began some ritual of watching mafioso movies, drinking 40's, playing with fire arms and kicking it with a beat and a snare. The subway tracks has that urban city life marked all over it, and the fact that they were lived in tiny ass apartments in like 7 to 8 complexes in one area. Yeah, the ghetto.

Fuck, I know how that feels, to be around low-income motherfuckers who have nothing better to do than to waste their lives and their kids' life. Niggas don't give a fuck about nothing but respect, money and power, and how do they obtain shit like that? Through fear, greed and prejudice.

Real shit. But it was survival for those people. I mean c'mon, you think that it's going to be fun living in an environment where is like everywhere looks like slum, and there's no way out. Like a crab bucket. Hip-Hop, as the movement goes, helped a lot of these people out, because when they're no way out, you have to give in, to get out.

Yeah, what does anything that I'm talking about have to do with "a tribute to Nas' Illmatic". Well, that's what he talks about, and that's exactly what the album is about. He's giving you a visual representation through rhythmic patterns by using words that rhyme in a particular structure. It's dope. He's ill, because he's able to let you see how well his skill is, through his words.

Now I don't know about the Source's reason for giving him 5 mics, but I agree with these niggas. I do. I mean, the album gave you the essence of Hip-Hop in a pure form without the over dramatics. It started on the street corner. Niggas fighting for a fucking cause, for a stand. Story Telling. Giving the world a different way to looking at things. A different insight.

Motherfuckers wouldn't know about thinking in complex terms, if there wasn't something that expresses it's creativity and originality. Illmatic gave Hip-Hop that boost in that era. I'm a Nas fan.

You can probably tell by now, but whatever, people have their heroes. I would say that album is one of my favorites of all time.

Yeah, even for the age he put it out at, that was a darn good fucking album he put out. Classic.

Only classics.


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