Idiot Box Cat : Commission 2: Mermaid.

Friday 10 May 2013

Commission 2: Mermaid.

Fuck Miracle Church.


Excuse me, I had to say that because some people that attend Church act like little fucking children and always expect God and little angels to protect them and hide them from the big bad world. These are the types of people that shit on religion and make religion become what it is. A pile of horse shit.

Don't get me wrong motherfuckers, I respect anyone who takes their beliefs seriously and makes a commitment to really get something out of it to benefit their lives, but a lot of these fucking people are fake as fuck. They are. I hate the fact that they were also trying to get me to join their fucked up Church and associate myself with these kinds of individuals that I would never let myself be around.

It's too bad, one of the people I know from HS (High School) goes there. Yeah, I don't take the majority of religious people seriously, I just don't anymore. But...

That's my little rant about the whole subject. Anyways, I did this mermaid for this fucking "church" and this Pastor dude was an asshole throughout the whole process. This Dude went from wanting a Mermaid, to wanting fishes, to wanting jewelry, to wanting seashells and all this other shit, and he was asking throughout me actually painting this motherfucking shit. So pissed at the fact that he was acting like such an ass.

 This is when I started. I sketched it out as I did the Angel. In the beginning this Pastor told me he wanted her (the Mermaid) situated like she's in a river. That's all he ever said when I asked him how he wanted it, even before I began to sketch this.

Started to fill in the hair
This bastard comes back when I started painting it, and tells me he wanted her to be facing the "water" (fish tanks), so what that would mean is, he wanted her face and her upperbody closer to the "water" (fish tanks) and her lower body to be on the other side (left side) of what's depicted here. Like a fucking asshole, he didn't really tell me what he wanted before and decides to let me after I applied the paint.. Like fuck.

She's a black rasta woman.
The reason for this, is because this guy doesn't know what he wants for his own church, so I had to do a lot of the concept myself (which I don't mind, since I know what would look good) and so, I made her a darker skin tone to match the color of her hair. She's a Rasta, by the way. Cause all of these bitches in that place have dreadlocks, so I was like "why not", plus they were asking why Angel Gabriel didn't have dreadlocks...

The start of the tail and the river
This Pastor asked for a Mermaid.. Now he wants a river. That's cool. Makes sense.

In early development

More pictures of the early development. This job was so fucking stressful. Didn't know how indecisive and nit-picky people can fucking be.  


 At this point, I'm almost done with the whole project. Honestly, it took me a week to complete. Through all the bullshit, people trying to convert me, stupid church people critiquing, and having to deal with this indecisive ass Pastor, I did an amazing job with the Painting. In my opinion, cause I'm good at this art shit, I didn't have an idea that I would be this good.

I look like a fucking hobo.. Or an unshaven hipster college kid.

The finished product.

Those women at that stupid church wanted more bangles and jewelry, like "shut the fuck up" I'm not working for you. Nor are those ladies paying me for my fabulous work. I mean I already gave her a fucking ruby ring. Working there wasn't a horrible experience, but it's not one that I would like to go through again, unless I get more for what I did, and have those fucking Jehovah witnesses stay out of my fucking way while I'm working. Not to say they are Jehovah witnesses, but how they were acting like they were trying to force their shit on me. I don't appreciate that. So, fuck that Church....

There was a higher dose of profanity in this post than usual. Ohh.....


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