Idiot Box Cat : Just Chill Release Party.

Thursday 16 May 2013

Just Chill Release Party.


Sunny day, kinda windy over here in North York, Toronto. Hey? How are you doing today? Me? Thanks I'm feeling pretty good. Nah, Today I'm here to talk about Veronica's Domingues Just Chill Release Party.

I attended the event, and it was amazing. It truly was, I can tell how happy Veronica was to perform and have everything working out for her. Anyways, I was exciting for this fucking performance for a while, cause that was actually my first like official concert/release party/performing type thing and like it was cool. I kinda overdressed. I swagged out though.

Okay, So I had a camera, but since that shit is giving me fucking problems with uploads, I decided to use my iPod to take out pictures. So, the quality won't be as great. I know it sucks, but at least I have something to show for this post.

That's inside the venue. It's a long room, seats and tables on the right side, bar on the left side, and the middle is empty as you can see. So there were a lot of standing for the most part. It can also be a dance floor I'm guessing.

INSTAGRAM!!!!! This picture is on my Instagram. Um, and this was after her performance. I wish I had an SLR or something equivalent to that. Yeah I love the lights, very classy.

Like I said, the pictures are of crappy quality. I was all the way in the back in the beginning of the show, but I wasn't going just settle being in the back, so I kept moving forward, just to see if I can get a better picture and see her more clearly.

For her first show, She put on a fucking amazing performance, and I loved every minute of the show. The songs that she created, set the tone and the mood of the whole night. It's very deep music actually. It's melodic and soulful, and very pleasing to the ears. Very smoothing. Yeah man, I had a great time to see someone making it and not giving up on their dreams.

She rocked it. Fucking awesome show. That dude there is a feature on one of her tracks on the EP. I think his name is "C-Flowz".

The backup singers were sweet, and they have really great voices. The drummer killed it. The man on the Keys went hard. The brass section was out there just vibing with the music. It was well composed and for a live show, and for her first one? Yeah they killed it. That shit makes me love live music on, and to see everybody having a part to play to create beautiful sounds.

It was swagged the fuck out. Here's a video of her performance.


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