Idiot Box Cat : Origin Of The Idiot Box Cat.

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Origin Of The Idiot Box Cat.

Now I know everybody or anybody that looks at this blog, the most obvious thing that is noticed is the picture of a cat. Now, this cat is no ordinary cat, because it's head is replaced by a television set, hence the name "Idiot Box Cat".

For those who don't know, or doesn't bother to wanting to know, "Idiot Box" is a slang for television, and i believe these motherfuckers back in the 1960's or 70's came up with the term, because of ya know... They believed that Television makes a person "stupid" or "dumb" after long periods of viewing.

My opinion? Well i don't really care, cause I hardly entertain myself with television unless if cartoons are on... Especially if it's Family Guy or American Dad, gotta love those fucking shows, they're awesome and insanely hilarious, so anyways, I came up with this zany idea from a course i had
in college.

See, the teacher wanted us to come up with two images, preferably one of an animal and the other of an inanimate object, well before we could of even hand in this project, we had to come up with three choices, that was just the criteria for the project, we had to come up with three different designs because of variety for potential clientele and what not. That was the whole point, to teach us that

your first result is not always the best result in terms of creative work and design, I guess that's why there's so many alternate versions of "one" piece of work by artists, film directors, musicians and all these other dudes.

So, In conclusion... Idiot Box Cat, is a design for a project I had to do in college, and now it has ended up being a "logo" for my works... I know it sounds kinda strange, because I can't really give you a reason for why I decided to pick this to represent this blog...

But all i can tell you is, that is one swag-ass looking kitty cat.

Anyways, I will posting up new drawings, music and other little foot notes.

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