Idiot Box Cat : Happy New Year 2013

Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Years...

Now, since we're going into 2013 n shit, I decided to put my artistic skills into practice and make this drawing of a sexy girl with confetti and her dancing and shit. I would like to think that the new years would be some magical type of shit that makes everybody turn into a better person from last year


that's not the issue that's going on here, you see what's going on here is a bunch of motherfuckers who make these new years resolutions and don't follow through with there shit, which is the least of my concern really, because I know, just like every other individual who doesn't make up shit to fit in with the "in" crowd about these resolutions, knows that within a few months these people simply don't do the shit that they say that they are going to do..

which is expected. I know what i'm going to do for my new years resolution.

you know what that is? I will tell you.

I will do the same shit that i've always been doing, except I will concentrate on completing my goals that i've always had, and those goals have been in progress for a while now, so no i'm not included in the "new years resolution group".

If you, whoever you are, are making a resolution, cause you feel like you need to "do" something for the new year... Then the only advice i'd give you is...

make sure you can do the damn thing. If it's too far out, then you will not make it, especially if it's a resolution that you've been trying to make for 5 years now.

Happy Fuckin' New Year.

2013 gon be some shit.

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