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Saturday 12 January 2013

Garbage Audit

hey there, motherfuckers !

So, I'm going to touch down to reality with this post, ain't nothing about what i usually talk about,
this is more about what i have been doing for the past week. Just like everybody trying to make a living out of whatever is it that they do, whether it's shitty or very good like a career or something.

But, I've been working a lot of "odd" jobs throughout 2012 and still doing some shitty jobs, or should i say messy? I work with an employment agency, meaning that there's companies that hire anybody who is a somebody that is not working, or who can't find or get hired at a full-time job. So what these motherfuckers do is find people work through other Companies that need help with their services, so they send people out like me to go fill in and help these companies out.

Obviously with pay, because i ain't trying do shit if it ain't getting me no money, especially if i have do some shitty job that i don't like. But anyways, yeah so these employment agencies find people like me work, once you register then they will call if there is any work that is available and blah blah blah, you get the point.

So, for the past week I have been working in a fucking hospital, doing garbage auditing. Now, what is garbage auditing you ask? well, well, well let me tell you about this shitty shit that is garbage auditing.

Basically garbage auditing, or waste management is the assessment of how well a company, hospital, school or any industrial places... recycles! yeah, you know when you have to put the plastics, paper, cardboard and anything that can be re-used in your blue pin for your neighborhood garbage man to pick up?


So, I basically had to sort though bags of fucking garbage, pick out all these plastics, cardboard, coffee cups, organics (which is food) and all this fucking garbage, sort them out and weight these mothefuckers so these dudes can get their assessment.

Although, It didn't get as messy until Friday...

look at all that shit... Nasty

I even got it on my shoes, Ah gosh!!

Shit was fucking nasty... Uhh. Look at all that fucking slop and slime...

Yeah.. So I know if another dude or gal sees this, they will be like "ahhh this is nothing, you should see what i do on a daily basis"

But I don't do this shit on a daily basis, so this shit is gross, getting it all on your hands in shit.
This was my dirtiest placement! I fucking saute dudes that do this shit, but this is fucking nasty!

Oh and you see the blue shit i have on, its a full body suit, comes with a hood too.

And there's another one. See y'all later. 

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