Idiot Box Cat : It's That Time Again.

Friday 20 December 2013

It's That Time Again.

It's that time again. Another year, another Christmas celebration. It seems like these days, Christmas is starting to feel more like a celebration that's beginning to "dry-out". The reason why I say this is because of the many changes happening around us. Like not having the words "Merry Christmas" in the school calendar, or people feeling a type of way when somebody wishes them a Merry Christmas. I understand that there's people that believes in different religions and they probably don't celebrate Christmas or whatever, but I feel like society is starting to look at christmas differently. Kids of the next generations might not see christmas in the way that we (previous generations) have known what christmas means.

With all traditions, they all have to succumb to a change or loss of the meaning in order to maybe form into something different? I was listening to the radio the other day and there's people out there questioning little stupid shit like "Why does Santa have to be white?" Like really? Are you really questioning the ethnicity of Santa Claus? Like first of all he's a fictional character, and his skin color isn't the point of what his significance is.

I mean would you rather a Black Santa? First of all he probably wouldn't reach all the houses around the world on time. He'd probably be chilling at one house eating more than the cookies and drinking more than milk, especially if he likes to get drunk. It would be a perfect time for him to steal. He might also commit adultery, and other misdemeanors. If he was an Asian Santa, if not most, but half of your gifts would be made from China. You're kids would have to have their report cards on the table along with some cookies and milk or maybe noodles. I don't know if he would be able to drive the sleigh properly. Then again, those are just generalizations.

And that's not the point. The point is, Santa Claus' significance to Christmas means that all your wishes and prayers during this time will come about when you're a good person that gives from the bottom of your heart. He's like that rich uncle that gives because he cares and wants you to happy. On top of that Christmas is a lovely time to spend with all of your friends and family and to show the little ones the importance of what Christmas means to they can pass it down. From one generation to the next. 

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