Idiot Box Cat : Coffee Verses E.D. aka Energy Drink.

Monday 9 December 2013

Coffee Verses E.D. aka Energy Drink.


If these beverages could talk and make jokes with one another, I wonder what they would say to each other. Like if you had an orange soda make a joke about strawberry grape soda.

I used a cup of coffee and an energy drink for this, because they both have caffeine. Most people drink coffee to get their day going, and to the general populous coffee is the standard. Even go ask Tim Hortons. Energy drinks are used for the same purpose, to get your "energy" up for like sports, the gym and shit, but they're more harmful. Not only does Energy Drinks carry caffeine, but it also carries a lot of sugar and all this other acidic shit in it. If you have a lot of that shit in one session, kiss your heart goodbye.

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