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Monday 2 September 2013

Idiot Box Cat Land & some other shit.


Okay, so I've officially got my shit together. Finally. I have made all brand new accounts for the following:

For Soundcloud, you can find all my beats and productions on that bitch right there...
so for all you motherfuckers that wanna check out my shit, and if you're interested...

For Hulkshare, you can find all my music on this bitch right there, so that'd be the tapes I've
released, and some of the tracks i've made... So if you're interested...

For Youtube, you can find all my videos, on that bitch over there, so, if you're interested...

So, now that is out of the way,

Let's welcome "Idiot Box Cat Land" Where everything that I create is channeled through that "Idiot Box Cat". The reason why I post so much emphasis on this little "logo" is because it stands for everything that I'm doing, it represents everything that I'm into, and what I inspire it to become. 

I came up with this shit in College, and it was just for a project, so now I'm taking this creation into everything that I'm doing and continue to do. I think everybody should have, or should already have something that inspires them, that drives them to accomplish what they want to do in life, whether or not it's some of material possession (like not having what you want, or carry something that gives a person inspiration/drive (a stone, diamond, picture etc.) ) Or somebody that drives you like your moms or something. 

Now, besides that, I have something else going on. Besides my new "artworks" page that I'm going to be posting up. I will be creating an online comic series this month, It features small comic strips that I will be releasing each Friday. This cartoon I will be working on is called "Late Fawn" 

Be on the lookout for that Late Fawn shit. I'm definitely not shying away from my artistic abilities. 
I'm coming with heat for these next month, until the next year. 2014 is gonna be a beast year. 


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