Idiot Box Cat : Back 2 School.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Back 2 School.

Nigga, wake me up until September ends. It's that time again, back to school, all of you that's going back to school, that got kids that are going back to school or know people that are going back to school, wish them luck. Really, please do wish them luck. School could be a bitch to you, or could be something that you highly respect and value.

Grade school was the best time for me, it really was. You got recess, pizza lunches, sports teams, little girls hitting puberty, and the whole nine yards, it was a time when you really got to be a fucking kid. You really looked forward to going to you're homie's house, spending time playing video-games or riding bikes, or just doing fuck-all. Back then, kids really hated when it was raining, cause you couldn't play outside, we'd call it "In-door recess" You had school dances, if you did, you got to really hit it off with your crush. I guess that was the last time where we looked at school with such enthusiasm or some. For others, niggas just didn't like school. They hated it. That was me, after I got into College.

You see, for me I don't "like" school per say, because to be honest, I actually liked school back then, when I started to hate school or dislike school was when I started to be bombarded with the value that people place on fucking education. Sure, getting an "education" is important, but after the fucking classroom, school is irrelevant in regards to making fucking money. For real, making money is what this world is about at the end of the fucking day. I hated the fact that people shove this shit down your throat like it's fucking religion. It's not that serious. So many people are successful, happy and living decent lives without that shit.

Oh, post-secondary shit is the worst too, cause now you gotta pay a dirty amount of money just to get a stupid fucking paper at the end of all of that shit. If you don't you've just wasted money, and if you do come out of the end of it, you're placed in debt. Post-Secondary is a choice, these motherfuckers acting like this shit is mandatory, as if this shit is gonna make you some fucking god. It's not.

I respect those that want to be such, like being a doctor, a lawyer, a rocket scientist or those other bullshit high standard over-rated occupations that people are running after. Fine. It's good to go after what you want, especially if you really know what it is that you want. There's a lot of motherfuckers out there that don't really know what they want to do, they're forced to go to institutions of "higher learning" because of those who never had the balls to really understand that going to "College" or "University" is a fucking "choice". I wish I was 18 again, to have time to decide on some shit, to actually save up the money to pay off my course that I wanted to go into. Shit's already gone, and I did get the stupid piece of paper that these niggas cherish so much. Why can't you get like a $500 dollar deposit for every-time you graduate? That would motivate more motherfuckers to go to school.

Now a days, it's hard to find a job, and these people are stressing this shit, only to realize that the faculty, teachers, deans, professors, instructors and whoever else doesn't give a shit whether you pass or not, they don't. If you know you're getting a cut from over 20,000 students that are paying more than 5,000 on school, then why would you right? The thing is, in reality, that's just how the cookie crumbles, at the end of the day, it's up to you to take what your doing seriously. It's up to you to decide whether or not you want to pursue the course or class your fucking signing up for.

If you're not ready or if you're not serious, then why pursue it. For those of you that are pushing so fucking hard on others (mainly parent-child) relationship, to go to College, why don't you really take the fucking time to understand that, that shit is fucking choice, not a life-or-death thing.

Anyways, For those of you that are going back, make sure you do finish what you start, that shit is REALLY important, finish what you start, and if you start and you don't finish, sit the fuck down, and think about what is it that you want to pursue and what you want to study before you reach 35, and then you say, "Oh, I think I want to be a doctor now" shit's not gonna work out, it's either you be a doctor now while you still got time to do it, or be a fucking plumber at that age, at least it won't take you fucking 10 years to complete. As for me, Fuck school, I'm done with all that shit.

Have a great school year.


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