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Tuesday 6 August 2013



I want to talk about something that I think relates to almost everyone and anyone who is a human being, and that is... influences.

A lot of the time, I always hear regular people and also people in high places talk about things like "copywrite" "biting" "copying" among other terms, and I understand why such terminology exists and their importance, but I'm here to tell you. FUCK THAT.

most of you might be wondering why I would say that, and some of you might agree, until I give you my reasons. I've been wondering about this for a long time, and you really have to fucking think like "really? so you're going to tell me that you've never, ever, ever... ever taken someone's else idea, whether directly or indirectly?"

That's not the only reason why I say "FUCK THAT" Let me explain something. Since the beginning of time, or should I say mankind, people's been stealing other niggas ideas and implementing as their own, whether you like it or not, or whether you choose to believe or not. No idea is original. It's us as a culture, as human species to feed off each other. Why do you think most of us are living in a "Society" why do think most of us need interaction as humans, because without it, you can't survive. Now, take a look at everything around us... every tv show, every radio show, every sport, every clothing line... etc, has some element of another tv show, radio show, appliance, techno-gadget.. etc. I'm not saying that copying and stealing someone else product, brand or idea is right, because if you blatantly take that away from someone directly, then the issues of "copyright" and downright "biting" (a term from the hip-hop community) becomes a problem, but besides the point. Everyone, no matter who you are, whether you're a rocket scientist or a garbageman, you will be influenced by something or someone.

It's bullshit, if you're trying to tell me different. Sure I get influenced too, I'm not going to deny it. The problem that I have, is when people want to act like they never took anything from anyone else and made it their own, put their own spin on it, and technically, that's how you would take someone's idea and make it own, by crafting you're own creative genius into it. Look at most "reality shows" that's on the television of today. There's like 50 of them and counting, like them motherfucking producers and broadcasters just give rich-nobodies their own show like right after them bitches upload a video of them talking non-sense on youtube. 

Where did all of that started? "The Real World"... then before that? "Soap Operas" Remember the "Young and the Restless" and all of them scripted ass niggas? Yes.. That's where most of this reality shit started, it just evolved into something different.

and it's the same thing with music... Yeah music is one of the biggest culprits of them shits. I'd be lying if I said that I have nothing to do with that, because then I would be a hypocrite. I'm a call it what it is. Pop is over-saturated by them pop-stars always copying off each other to sell some damn records. Same with Rap and Hip-Hop among other genre of music. Same thing with Religion. Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Judaism, Islamism... etc all of them shits is the same thing, they all started from one "religion" then some of the people who invented those religions that was birthed from the first one, basically said "Okay, we'll keep the God thing, the nirvana/heaven thing, and the praying thing, and we'll just change these other things..."

So... The point is, it's not so much about "stealing" as it is about influence. Everybody gets influenced, the difference is, how do you use the influences that you have or look up to, and how do you craft with your own unique touch.

Out of 10 motherfuckers, their will always be 1 or 2 persons that will sound different then the rest, and those ones will be the ones who will gain more attention, because of what they did with their influences. Trust me, I hate it when someone doesn't use the creative minds that they have to come up with something that doesn't have their own spin on it.


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