Idiot Box Cat : Creative Control.

Friday 9 August 2013

Creative Control.


Yeah, I want to talk about creative control. The reason why I want to speak on this, is because as an artist, sometimes you are in places where you deal with many people and their "creative needs" especially, if your a graphic designer (oh I know those niggas can relate) and you have people that want certain things in their design that YOUR making, they want the design to look like this, or they want the picture to look a certain way. Now, I understand when a motherfucker wants certain things in the picture/design that you're making for that client, like: color scheme, composition, objects, animals, how many people or whatever. That shit is the most basic and understandable, but you have assholes that continuously nitpick on the work of the artist. They're constantly wanting something different, or wanting the artist to draw, create or produce a certain style.

Well motherfucker, how can an artist produce a certain style when he/she is not use to drawing in that type of manner. Obviously you liked the work by the artist, and you like the his or her style, so why the fuck would you not be satisfied by the production of the artist, when one would assume that you have taken a look at the work of the artist, the fucking best pieces from the artist and such. People like that piss me off. Creative control to the artist needs to be more accepted between artist and clientele, the visionary and the one who can produce the visions. I like when I do shit for myself, because I know that I will accept shit I do. Why? Well duh, I'm the one that's creating it, I know what I want and I know what my style of art will appeal to me, because I know how to produce it.

I would rather go to an artist that know how to give me what I want, and still be amazed at the production from that artist, because I like how he or she creates. It's that simple motherfuckers, don't be so sulky about shit that you want, when you know what the fuck you're getting yourself into.

I like creative control in all sense of media and art. Fuck somebody telling you how to draw, how to create or how to express yourself for them. It's not worth it for your integrity and your creativity. I like to make shit for people, and if the feedback is wonderful, then great. I love it. If it's not received well, then you can look for another artist that can get the job done for you. Simple as that. Every artist should have creative control, in the way they express themselves through their work. Fuck all that limiting bullshit.

Artists can't be limited. Artists are meant to be limitless. Artist are meant to see beyond what all of these square ass bland motherfuckers see. That's just me, I'm not talking about just for myself, even them damn architects should have creative control.

 Yeah nigga. I made this for the people who are for creative control. I put a shackle on the hand with some of the chain on, because the hand is breaking out from the chains that are in place on the shackle. I put the pencil, well because usually the pencil is one of an artist first tools. and the world, because as artists we are limitless, not limited. So there.

To all my creative and talented individuals, don't compromise your talent and your creative abilities for nobody. Not even for these talentless ass squares that can't make shit, cause YOU can!


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