Idiot Box Cat : Makaveli.

Friday 26 April 2013



Makaveli huh? Yeah, I used to idolize Tupac, I love his music, it's the shit. He was someone who wanted to see change in his community and for his race of people (us niggas) prosper. Although, he meant well, he was a person that doesn't fuck around when it came to disrespecting him or any of the people he fucks with.

He's an inspiration, and he was ahead of his time. He would have been a great movie actor by now. Tupac would have won a Grammy or whatever. I could relate to his music, because it was filled with so much raw emotions, and like he never made superficial music, he always went deep. He did. Even though he did keep the image of what he has also knew and represent. That Thug Life, but it's only because he felt the governments are disadvantaging the youth in the hood and shit like that, which they are. But we all know violence isn't the answer, He tried to destroy Thug Life, but it still lived on after that.

It's a shame that a great artist such as Tupac is gone, he was a real poet, a real inspiration and a man at large, through living the lifestyle of diamonds, cars, fortune and fame, and also dodging from the underworld of the cops, the drug dealers, hookers and killers, Tupac wanted to teach the world, I think in my opinion, Pac was trying to teach how to love, how to be a man and a leader in your world. Because if you don't then, ya know, if you ain't doing shit in your role, your role can easily get taken over by someone else. Too bad, he isn't alive to make any more "real Tupac" studio albums..

He's a Legend.

Tupac Cartoon

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