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Monday 22 April 2013

Just Chill


Um, today I have something different to talk about, and it's about somebody that is also trying to become a successful artist, singer, songwriter.

Now, before I introduce who this person is. I just wanted to say, how proud I am to know that somebody I'm acquainted with is working very hard to make a name for themselves and is making it big, so I'm fucking excited to see progress, as well as working progress for people that I know and I have respect for especially for their dedication, hard work and perseverance. With that said I really hope that great things come to those who actually put themselves out there to accomplish what they're doing and to make their dreams become reality, because I'm still struggling with it.

But anyways, I'm sure by now, some of y'all should know her (especially if you live in Toronto) Her name is Veronica Domingues.

To make a background story short, I met her through an online chat site a couple years ago, along with some other people and blah blah blah. She has a great voice, like she sounds sooo good. The type of music that she makes is "Soul" with influences of R&B, that 90's vibe of R&B and soul, yeah you know that good shit. From what I can remember, she did a performance at a Portuguese/Canadian event, and I think she won that event, which was fantastic.

Now, she's releasing her Just Chill EP, which I've heard a sample of, and it sounds fucking dope. I actually met her in person guys, so yeah.. exclusive shit. Her EP comes out next month on May 10th. She gave me a brief description of what to expect from her project, and based off what she told me, it's sounds like it's gonna be fucking awesome.

Support the homie, May 10th, 2013 her "Just Chill" EP comes out.

She's having a release party on May 14th, so you gotta hit her up to get tickets. I got mines.
I'm going to put up some links so you can check her out.




Oh, and peep her music video "Out the Door"

Yeah, So support good fucking music guys, and that's another one!


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