Idiot Box Cat : GOLD SH!T

Friday 23 November 2018


24 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

This is a piece I created last year called "GOLD SH!T", it's a piece based on symbolism, of the meaning of true value and the sacrifice/destruction of materialism that isn't valuable. My intent by creating this piece was to create some sort of dialogue between what people really deem value is, and the tackling the issues of superficiality of material wealth in today's world. What true wealth really means. 

In March of this year, I sat down with "Artist Unknown" a duo of two guys (Val & Kyle) in Toronto's art community who does photography and videography work for the unknown and upcoming artists. I spoke about the meaning of this particular piece and provided some information about my background as an artist. 

Check it out! 

I hope to do more videos, and interviews in the future, it was a great experience as an artist to be able to not only expose your creations to the world, and putting a face to it, but also being able to speak about who you are and why you create what you create. It was a great experience, being that it was my first "artist" video feature. The most important thing I wanted to convey behind this piece and hopefully many others as I go further with my career is a message, a message that you can take away. Maybe a change of thought, or even a deeper look into how our world is and how people interact with issues like materialism, greed or even superficiality.

With that being said, 

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Paint-Life. 2018. 


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