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Monday 18 July 2016

New Church Mural Project


So, I remember I did a post about church mural I did back in 2013. I had a hook up through someone I knew to do a Angel Gabriel and a mermaid. Which was a great experience, I guess the only thing that threw me off about the experience is the monetary aspect of it. Beside that, I was stoked to paint a mural on a wall for a whole community to see and admire.


Fast forward to 2016, where I've added a few more digits to my age, and a few art shows under my belt, and I get another request to do another church mural. I got contacted by a friend of mine I knew back in highschool, to do a mural for his church.

Which I agreed, because why not right? It will only push me out there more as an artist and to expand my limitations and my talents, not only for my sake, but for others that want some pretty art in their space.

So, I am working on this project that has a meaningful message behind it. The community of the church is geared towards bringing together everyone from around the globe to create a message of world peace, starting from their community and branching out into the world out there.

Which, now a days is getting more crazier...

"Reaching Our Community and Beyond" is the tagline.


This is when I first started, I had to measure this massive fucking wall. It's pretty huge for a good size mural. It's a normal size back drop for any church, but since it's what I'm working with, I really had to make sure I center it just right. 

That's the rough sketch of the massive globe that will be on the wall. 

This is when I started to lay down the blue for the water. The blending process will take me some time because I want to make sure I get the depth of the water towards the bottom and top. The lighter parts of the water will go towards the middle, as most light will tend to settle there. 

As you can see now, i finished the base color for the water. On a 15 feet wall, it looks fucking dope. I'm liking the progress on this so far, because you can clearly tell it's a globe and you can possibly point out the continents on the globe (Like the big chuck of blank space closer to the right is Africa) 

I had people watching me. Which is kind of oddly weird for me, just because I'm not use to people watching me paint/draw. It was interesting, cause I kind of think it's a good thing to have an audience to watch you do what you do. I kind of felt like a big deal. Then again, they're really counting on me to make this project mint. 

As you can see, I started to fill in the land with GREEN! 

Here's a side view of me painting the globe, doesn't it look so fucking dope? I think so. The blank space in the middle is where I'm going to put the word "community"... 

Which is something that I have to explain, on either side of the globe the message will be spread out and "community" in the middle will be the focal point. 

with that being said... 


This is the finished result of my efforts for the church's message! It took me literally a month
to complete. The globe came out magnificently well and the letterman wasn't that bad.  For my
second mural I gotta give myself a pat on the back.

"Reaching Our Community and Beyond"

Paint-Life. 2016. 


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