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Saturday 16 April 2016

The Super-Duper Show.

The Super-Duper Show.

I am so pleased to say that my work has finally made it to a gallery show!

So, a little background story...

I had done a post a year ago about me attending the Super Wonder Gallery. I had spoke with the Curator about networking and sending my work to him. As time passed, I didn't have the time to compile the pieces I wanted, so I didn't rise to the occasion to send him anything.

I participated in the Raw Showcase, and I saw Christian (Curator) there. He said, "I want you to be in this Super Hero and Super Villain show that I am putting together".

and the rest is history.

Anyways, my work finally made it to an gallery, and needless to say I am thrilled. Although, there was so many other talented artists who had some amazing pieces. The Super-Duper Show is inspired by super heroes and super villains. There was a lot of Batman's, Superman's and more...

Welcome to the Art Work
Christian is a creative dude
He build this cardboard metropolis city.

Shout out my dude Moses Salihou who had three pieces in the show
these two are the Superman and Batman, and he also has Spiderman. 
I like Moses's abstract style of painting.
He knows how to make block patterns blend well together. 
He had told me the Super hero theme was quite the challenge. 
but I think that they came out very dope! 

This piece is by Karel Vondra 
entitled: "Bat Games" 

You would have to be there to actually see this piece in person. 
The artist had done background overlays to give off a 3D like effect. 
It seems like a thick heavy gloss was added to the painting, also giving 
an added effect to how it is seen. Superhero and naughty combined.
This piece is by Veronica Manco 
entitled: "Ivy" 

I really like this work, and a lot of others who were there. 
the composition, the form of the female figure and the shading 
is incredible. that shade of orange over green has an earthly sexiness. 
She also puts a hint of burgundy in the background to give a subtle
but dangerous sex appeal that "ivy" has. 

This piece is by Mr. Hyde
Entitled: "K-Pow!"

Very cartoony feel. I think this is a cool piece
because it illustrates the energy of that punch, can you
imagine that feel from getting punched from that hand?
Nah, I don't think you want to. All jokes aside
Mr. Hyde really put in detail and an amazing colorful
disposition of this piece. K-Pow!

The two black pieces there are from the same artist
but the second one is my favorite.

Entitled: "Venom"
The piece is by Astrid

Just the whole dark element, the simplicity and how intense
this piece illustrates is superb. Like I can't see how this couldn't
be in a show like this. The is dope no doubt.

This would be the stand-out piece to many. As you can see,
it has a red sticker on it, which means it's SOLD!

This piece is by Lauralee Kelloway
Entitled: "Why So Serious?"

This Joker/Heath Ledger tribute is absolutely amazing.
The detail that Lauralee puts into it is so dope. She really
did her thing here, and the fact that he has this jaded stare
him look even more of a villain that he already is.

That's awesome.

This piece is by Alex Karakis
Entitled: "Wonder Licker"

Now, if you don't look at this and go "Wow!"
I don't know what will. What I want to know is,
how was he able to make it sparkle and shine like that.
Alex puts a blend of Pop-Art and Super-heroism in a mix

and comes out licker for everyone to wonder...
I love the newness of it's style. Right on!

Shouts out to Miss Tatty, (that's her Instagram name)

This is by Sara Di Clemente
Entitled: "Haryquin Destroys T.O."

This is cool, I like how the CN is left on the ground like that
as Quin is escaping across the sky. Great use of composition and
stunning colors, the use of warm and cool is something that brought here.
and the perspective on the hammer is so dope when you look at how
it cuts off close from the corner of the painting.

Christian Aldo even put his own piece in there
The bust of Superman, that's pretty cool!

The Super Duper Show was loads of fun and it was very creatively stimulating.
Everybody there, including myself thought the set up was so fun.

Now, for the stand out piece.

I really like this piece, because it's sculpture, and it's probably one of most
unique ways i've ever seen this character re-created in terms of fan art.

This piece is by Brain Keller
Entitled: "Venom"

He probably used hot glue and a whole lot of knifes or something
on this one, because the way he formed his head is crazy. The way he depicted
Venom here is ridiculous (in terms of creativity) how he did the eyes was amazing.
I really like shit like this because it's has spunk. Brain's definitely talented at sculpting

Cause that's incredible.

So, in closing... 

I would like to say I had a great time at the gallery. I'm so thankful and stoked that I finally got to be apart of this and I would love to be in many shows to come. It all goes to show that things can all change in a year as long as you think positively, work hard and put in the effort. No dope work goes unnoticed. It's all about what you want out of your own creations that can take you places. I've learned that once you get the ball rolling, no matter what is in your way you can't let that ball stop from reaching it's end goal. 

I mean we are all artists and creators who's trying to give the world a little color, more definition. Seeing things from another angle or perspective, opposed to just sitting in a world of dark and light. 

We had fun at the event, for the community to get involved at galleries like this is super cool and I hope that it just continues to make our city be one of the best in terms of how loud our art is.... 

With that being said. 

This... Is what I'm most happy about. 

My art piece is hung up beside two amazing pieces of art. 

Glad to say that I've made it. 

Shout out Stellasuwu...

Paint-Life. 2016. 

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