Idiot Box Cat : Lose Some Fat Resolutions.

Friday 3 January 2014

Lose Some Fat Resolutions.

Don't worry you don't have to tell me. Losing weight causes some of you to feel inadequate about the fattiness you have on your body. I heard on the radio that, the number one resolution that people make on new years is to lose weight. Well of course, all those burgers and milkshakes and donuts won't do you any good. Or going to a restaurant everyday or not getting a proper meal or eating inconsistent meals and blah blah black sheep can you any fat? If he told me he does, then I will say make a plan and exercise you fat excuse for a sheep. Then again, I mean why not, right? if you haven't did shit all for yourself since High School and you're over your metabolic rate and if you feel messy about yourself, then do it.

Go out here and face your fears (which would be, but not limited to: Walking, Running, Gym, People looking at you sweat, gawking at your weak attempts to get in fit, cramps, pains, and finally a little embarrassment) Who the fuck cares right? I fucking don't, I mean if I was fat too, I would try to curve off some pounds you know try to get the body up to par. You wanna look good I get it. You wanna feel like your worth shit, that's why you made this resolution and you're happy about it.
The funniest thing is, the first step is the hardest, and if that is so, I can see why most of you won't take it. Maybe it's cause you can't see the ground most of the time, or maybe your just TOO heavy.

Oh trust me, I need to lose weight too. Not so much LOSE weight, but tone up and make myself look like the idea of your resolution when you complete the goal. You are going to complete the goal right? I hope so, you know many fail to try, but never try to fail. Remember all those weight loss shows (no Jenny Graig) I'm talking about when like 10 fat motherfuckers got selected on a show, these are ordinary motherfuckers too, that got selected on a show where they will show the audience and viewers at home who the fuck can lose some damn weight and keep them bitches off like they have some "cling" to them. They go though tasks and competitions and blah-blah... blah. You get the point. If you are out here in 2014 trying to lose weight as your new years resolution.

Good Luck.

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