Idiot Box Cat : Rob Ford.

Sunday 1 December 2013

Rob Ford.

Now this situation is going to make the history books, because I was surprised to hear that the mayor of my city have/has smoked crack-cocaine. I can't lie, I was laughing at this because, when do you ever hear somebody in a presidential/government position engage in such acts? (except for Bill Clinton) Everybody looks as those people as such as little government pawns that don't engage in things that us "civilians" don't engage in.  Then again, I couldn't believe what I was hearing/seeing.

Now, I believe that Mayor Rob Ford is a good mayor, he's trying his best to improve the city of Toronto. Thanks to him, we have our city looking like construction paradise for the new services of transit, he says he's stopping those in high-places from taking advantage of tax-payers money.
It also may seem that he cares about the City of Toronto. The news? Reporters? and Media? Y'all are assholes for not allowing this dude to do his job as Mayor. I'm not talking about his back-lash for smoking crack with drugdealers, but I'm talking about how he tries to attend community events, or even just being out in public, they harass this dude till no end. Bitches throwing water on him, and the Media blackmailing him.

Now, should he of been smoking crack with drugdealers? If that's his thing, more power to him, but smoking around drugdealers, I don't think that was the best option. To me, I like the dude, at least he's got the balls as a mayor to tell this bitch-ass police that he ain't going to jail, and telling the public that he ain't stepping down from being the Mayor, even when all odds were and still are against him. City Counsel taking dude's power away. Like damn, we don't have a Mayor, we have a real nigga as the Mayor. It's hard not to tell his let this global situation pass without making a joke about it.

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