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Wednesday 2 October 2013

Smoker's Section.

Pacman puffing on two blunts. You like that? If you do, then you must be from the smoker's section. If you do not, then you probably don't smoke, or do drugs.

Artists are people who recycle old ideas and put a twist on it, and make it something totally different. Artists are the people who let their imagination run wild, because with every image, you can always
twist and turn the image, change it's fucking color. Make the image turn completely different, but keeping the same elements alive. Artists reinvent their lives and their work, and they fucking evolve into something that is greater than what they can give.

There's a lot of people that are big fans of different types of cartoons, anime, hentai, games and all that shit, and they always try to flip their favorite cartoon character into something they've always wanted out of that character. It could also be a place, a concept and features that made the story popular and very famous. Those who produced and came up with the idea and the whole concept really have creative minds. The pioneers, and the self-starters really gave the public and the whole world their creation to be embraced and to be adored. Like, you got some fucking balls to really push what you can come up with and make it through all the competition to get world success and did all of that based on being an artist, or "artistic".

It's all about inspiring individuals and influence. People are influenced to copy your style, people are influenced to want to be like your character, people are influenced by the creative genius that you have to become apart of what you've created. That's art, and that's what life needs in order to fucking breath once in a while. Art is our reflection of ourselves, it is our inner lives, and our fucking strengths, our passions, and how we feel. All sappy shit, but I think that this is the reason why we have it, why we did it. We all need entertainment. We all need summer. We all need nice homes, with nice portaits on the wall, pretty flowers and nice rugs or whatever. The fact is, we are creative individuals and expressive individuals that feeds into everything that art is or could be. it could be individualistic, as well as collective, it could be plain as well as complex, it could be as colorful as well as dull.


That concludes our "Smoker's Section" segment.
For all you newcomers, you will now know, that...
We're not all big drug addicts that get high to overdose...


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